Introducing Amazon’s Color Tablet – Kindle Fire

Apple's iPad currently dominating the tablet market, mainly because there is access to millions of apps, games, music, and movies. Well Amazon is now taking orders for it's latest Kindle Fire Color tablet, and this is going to be interesting. Amazon is like the iTunes for Apple, with it's Android Marketplace also offering up thousands of apps, games, books, music and more. The new color tablet has tons of great new features all listed on the product page including access to Amazon's 10,000 Movies and Television shows, Full Library of Color Magazines, Kindle Books, 17 Million songs, and whoa what's this? Cloud Storage? Oh and it's rockin' a dual core processor too - starting at just $199. Yes this will sell out quick. Check out the rest of the video tour (click here)

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

9 thoughts on “Introducing Amazon’s Color Tablet – Kindle Fire

  1. crazyrunner33

    Rumor has it that Amazon will release another tablet that is 10.1 inch before Christmas. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out and how quickly it'll take to create root and put Ice Cream Sandwich. Forget about Honeycomb, there will be no vanilla release of Honeycomb and ICS will be here and open source too and should work with DSLR Controller.

  2. Jason

    Everyone is rumored to buy webOS. Last week it was samsung, then dell, then intel, now amazon.

    Take it with a huge grain of salt and very unlikely. Amazon has invested a lot in its "Amazon App Store". ALl of which the apps are based on Android.

    It'd be silly for amazon to buy it..

  3. Fabdex

    Apparently, Amazon is rumored to be interested in buying WebOS from HP. That would be kinda cool: WebOS works pretty well. Maybe they'll make the Fire WebOS compatible.

  4. Eh, Its not even fit for any real photo or video use. No cameras, no memory card port, and only wifi. Cant even use it as a tethering device with the eye fi cards.

  5. Jason

    Its running off an old android 2.2 froyo base. Everything else from there is all amazon.

    Amazon's app store has the same if not all the majority of the good apps in the android app store..So you're fine there.

    The only thing about this is, unless you root it, it's a closed garden wall experience. It's not a creation device like some of the higher end androids tablets and iPads are. This is a consumption device. It is meant to consume Amazon services, Prime, Video Rental, Music, kindle books etc etc. Even the web is being streamlined to you from Amazon servers through a hybrid browser called silk. You don't connect directly to the web..But through Amazon's cache of it. It's actually pretty awesome and progressive..That's why browsering on it will be superioer..

    Other than that, it will have no competitive advantage other than price. It's a re badged Blackberry Playbook made by the ODM Quanta. Comparing it other android tablets and even the iPad is really unfair.

    This is a perfect tablet if any of the above fits your needs.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @xj - Kindle Fire is based on Android already. It's just a different UI that they made for navigating around.

  7. xj

    Honestly, I will wait because:
    1. Unless someone figure out an easy way to porting Andriod to fire, do we really need another OS. Look WebOS.
    2. If Fire turns out to be the next HP TouchPad, then Amazon would put it on fire sale much cheaper.
    3. What make iPad successful is the App store. I doubt there will be that many developers for Amazon.
    4. Even Amazon is successful, I doubt Amazon can raise the price at current economy and competition from others.
    Just wait, you will get better deal later.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Scottrellwi - The old color Kindle was 'rooted' to run a different flavor of Android. I don't see why this one wouldn't be hacked as soon as it comes available. Not sure if it will have the ability to run video like this: httpss://

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