15 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 2 – OOOOH

  1. jarrett

    yes upscaling that video will be worth it for the twixtor possiblities alone...emm, do one of those super slo mo's with it!

  2. I dont understand why people keep bashing the 120 fps option, it is there use it! we all still watch DVD's and those as we all know are 720x480 resolution... hello!

    The go pro is giving you more resolution at 848×480...

  3. Mine Hero2 was broken. Bad frames during time lapse. Fortunately Best Buy had more. I exchanged it for a new one and this one is working great.

    ISO noise is not great. Even under a cloudy sky outside, the noise in the dark areas was very noticeable. In low light, it's pretty bad. I never had a Hero before, so I don't know if the original is better or worse than the 2. I guess I'm used to my 5D MarkII 🙂

  4. getem

    Only a mind that lacks creativity will not figure out how to use 120fps in standard def creatively in an hd timeline

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Food Biker - I'm shooting a real time side by side with original and Hero 2. I'll post tonight.

  6. Dying to know if anyone else is wondering if it pays to upgrade from the HD version 1 to version 2, or to some other small HD camera for 1080p footage. We have two of these here...but don't know if the new version is worth the upgrade for improved 1080p footage. Any thoughts?

  7. @~ D

    The gopro sur has 120fps, but only at vga resolution... wich is totaly useless...

    I agree with you though, 1DX should at least be 60fps 1080p...

  8. Emm

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    @Claude Lee Sadik - I'll take a dive later today. JK! That would be a good side by side test...

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