GH2 Follow Focus for Small Primes

If you have a tough time getting a follow focus setup on the GH2 with small prime lenses, here's a trick that Vimeo member Johnny Gadget Films uses [thanks John]. He uses silicone wrist bands (sometimes stacked) to increase the diameter of the focus lens.

7 thoughts on “GH2 Follow Focus for Small Primes

  1. JSS

    @John Griswell

    Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. I think I'm leaning mostly towards the iDC system zero now.

  2. John Griswell


    It really depends on the lenses you have and plan to use. Friction based systems like the iDC one are good for modern lenses with only electronically controlled focus mechanism. This is because the focus ring spins freely and the focus speed changes with the speed the ring is turned. A geared system wants the lenses to have hard stops and have repeatable focus speeds.

    If you plan on using manually focused lenses with a mechanical link between the ring and focus mechanism (like older Canon or Nikon glass) then a traditional follow focus with gears and a place to mark focus points would be better.

    I use only modern lenses since I do a lot of photo work too and need the fast AF and AE so the iDC works for me and with this mod I can use it on all my lenses (the above video is mine).

    I hope that helped.

  3. Cinesota

    I've done something similar for traditional geared follow focus using a Lens Band and a Half Inch Rails zip tie FF gear. Put a Lens Band (or two) on you lens then wrap the zip tie gear around that and cinch it down. Works a treat. It's a great way to expand the diameter of your lens and thereby increase the "throw" of the focus ring. Also works if you have some larger lens gears that you want to use but the stock diameter of your lens is too small.

  4. JSS

    Can anyone add their experiences with the IDC follow focus. I personally don't have a follow focus yet and was torn between this one vs the more traditional style. Any thoughts?

  5. I used this same idea with my iDC system on some older Leica lenses that were too heavy for the friction wheel to push. Added the bracelets so that it gave the wheel a bit more grip on the lens.

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