Cheap Camera Stabilizer Load Vest

One essential tool for long Flying Video Stabilizer (Steadicam) type shots is a Vest system with an iso-elastic arm. The vest helps to take the weight of the camera off the arms and distributes the load over to the body. The flexible spring loaded iso-elastic arm keeps the camera level as the operator runs, jumps, or climbs a flight of stairs.

The problem has always been that the price of these vest systems were often out of reach. Here's a new Single ISO Arm Camera Load Vest System on the market that appeared recently. Quality, Style, and build looks much sturdier than the ugly Flycam Vest system (seen here), and this new vest runs just under $370. That's cheaper than a basic Rokinon Cine Lens. You can find the new vest available via eBay (Click Here).

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @ricland - When I have to move fast, I'll choose a monopod over a tripod. The Steady pod can do both and stand on it's own with a good load up top. It also has a bearing gimbal in the center to prevent the transfer of jerky movements when walking - somewhat like a stabilizer. The large balance head (pan/tilt) they had at the show looked really smooth as well. I didn't get to use it, but I thought the product was very practical and well built. Still hoping to get one in to really give it a go.

  2. ricland


    Coincidentally, just got of the phone with Eddie Barber. He said you and he met. I told him you had a gazillion followers and your stamp of approval is respected.

    I'm buying one of his pods tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. Did my research and think it's the real deal -- plus, since I can buy it from Amazon, I've got nothing to lose.

    What's your general sense of it?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @ricland - Yes, I'm familiar with the Steady Pod, and hoping to get one in here soon.

  4. ricland

    And now I've changed my mind again -- Ever hear of the Barber Steady Pod? It seems amazing.

  5. ricland

    I've decided to get the Laing. It seems to be the best for the price and if Nit can be believed, balancing it is a breeze.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Jonas Köhne - Quality on most vests are pretty good, but spring tension is always a problem. I've used the single arm version of that verst, and I don't think it will work smoothly under a light setup.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @JKPinPDX - Yes it will work with the Glidecam. The one thing to keep in mind is that the spring is designed for slightly heavier setups. The arm won't flex with a light setup.

  8. JKPinPDX

    So can ANYONE confirm if this vest works with a Glidecam HD 2000?
    Plus is there really a huge noticeable difference with this single arm rig vs the more expensive double arm rigs?
    Seriously ready to buy this if I hear/see the right feedback.


  9. imgpro615

    @jacob...this is one for the wondlan leopard III...which for all intents and purposes is the SAME STABILISER save for the wondlan markup...

    ...i am gonna order one tomorrow if the price is still under 400USD with free shipping...
    it will certainly be an improvement over my flycam comfort arm...

  10. imgpro615

    ...I have the flycam comfort arm and it is not nearly the best but does what it says...but this one here looks much more comfortable and probably a better overall ride...400bux and free shipping? I think i will get is cheaper than the current comfort arm!

  11. digitalkid56

    It looks very similar to the wondlan vest, but not quite exact.. the holes in the arm look a little different, it definately looks like they copied this vest tho.. hopefully they could copy the quality as well..

    And it also looks like they raised the price $30 since this post.. I hate when they do that.. LOL anyways, good find! I'll probably end up getting one since my forearm gets pretty sore using my glidecam.. THANKS FOR THE POST! 🙂

  12. Tom

    Two very important controls are missing here, lack of which can turn flying into a fight with catching stabilizer instead of controlling it precisely point-to-point where it should be. Few first takes can be interesting and definitely will harvest "wow" effect but soon you'll discover that crucial is: U get what U pay for.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @simon - The post looks too large for the Merlin, but with a little DIY anything is possible.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Joe Ed - Yes this is a single arm style which is just to carry the weight of the stabilizer. Varizoom, Glidecam, and many others also offer a single arm vest as a cheaper option.

  15. I purchased the Glidecam vest for $2k. Hated it, returned it. This, for $370, looks very interesting. Even if it was exactly the same as the Glidecam vest...I'd feel much better paying $370 instead of $2k 🙂

  16. Would you recommend this single arm over the cheap dual arm flycam options? Say like the 5500 that seems to go for $650. I would like to get a cheap setup, but something fairly decent

  17. Neil

    That's a very good price compare to the usual $1000 and way north of that price that these systems usually go for.

    I wish more manufacturers sold vest/arm systems separately (rather than with the entire rig) and had lower budget options.

    Definitely would need to see a review or two before committing to purchase though.

  18. Mark

    If this works seamlessly with the glidecam i will definitely get it. would be good to see some video reviews on this. lf you do find anything post it so we can check it out. thanks!

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Jayem - It sure does look like it would. It's new so i'm still trying to track down reviews. I think this might be a Wondlan vest, just stripped of the OEM name. Check out this seller and the images on the listing. Looks the same

    Wondlan Single Arm Vest

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Jonas Kohne - The Flycam Nano has a similar handle as the Glidecam so it might fit. If not then there's always a way to modify. I modified one Steadicam vest and changed the post to fit a Glidecam. Here's two videos about my setup.

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