Gen Energy Batteries Now Offer Short Proof Protection

Gen Energy V-Mount Batteries are quickly becoming a popular choice with it's innovative Shock Proof Design, and their latest version now offers 'Short Circuit Protection' or what they refer to as 'Short Proof'. Peep the video below for an intro on this new feature.

Aside from just a robust build, Gen Energy Batteries are also known for many smart features built in that helps it retain a charge longer when not in use, or prevent excessive discharge that could damage batteries. Gen Energy batteries can also display proper percentage when used on cameras such as RED (some batteries won't communicate to display on-screen battery meter). Considering all of these features, Gen Energy batteries are still comparable to other current popular brands. There's no reason they should not be on your radar as an option for a professional battery.


One thought on “Gen Energy Batteries Now Offer Short Proof Protection

  1. Johnny

    Gen Energy introduce World-Only & First Short Circuit Protection
    Are you Joking? All Good Battery Company on this market have since over 20 Years Short Circuit Protection.
    By FXLION, for instance, this protection is instantly and no need to press any button or key to release after one shortcut.

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