9 Solutions Python Double Clamps to Hold Moza Gimbal on C-Stand Post

There's a specific shot I need to do where I first follow a subject and then jib up to reveal the landscape. I could do this with a drone, but i'm afraid the dirt path could kick up dust. So I thought to simply attach a gimbal at the end of a pole. Most people i've seen doing jib shots with a gimbal are using monopods or boom poles, but because I wanted to possibly get more height, I needed a much sturdier telescoping post. A post that won't flex, bend, or break.

Impact C-Stand

What I decided upon was to use the beefy post of my C-Stand. The trick now was to attach the Moza Air Cross 3 Gimbal at the end with my GH5s. I found that the 9.Solutions Python Double Clamps (found here) worked perfectly to lock the gimbal in place.

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The Python Double Clamps are just one of many innovative products from 9.Solutions. The clamps simply let you clamp one thing to another, and the clamps can rotate as well. From a flat table, to square tubing, to round bars the shape of the Python clamp allows it to work across many different shapes. Even if you're not planning to attach a gimbal to the end of a C-Stand, you'll find good use with these Double Python Clamps. Highly recommended (found here)!

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crystal 800 wireless 9.Solutions Python Double Clamp

5 thoughts on “9 Solutions Python Double Clamps to Hold Moza Gimbal on C-Stand Post

  1. Malani

    Does this work with the Crane 2? The handle an the Crane 2 is a lot chunkier. Ive been looking for a way to mount the Crane 2 to a pole and to be able to bring the Crane horizontally. I could use the mounting crew on the bottom but Im afraid it will snap the screw when I take the Crane 2 horizontal.

  2. Hogo

    Nice! The rode boom pole directly screwed into the bottom of the 3/8 of a crane 2 works a treat as well. These go9 clamps look great for quasar led light mounting too. Gonna have to grab some.

  3. Peter Harkness

    This is why I love Cheesycam. Expensive-looking effects on a budget! Thanks for the inspirado.

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