Fujifilm X-Pro1 ILC

While Sony is having a hard time keeping the Sony NEX7 camera available, Fuji will be releasing their latest X-Pro1 interchangeable lens camera very soon. This is definitely a camera to look in to if you're all about stills. It seems most of the marketing is based around Photography tapping in to that rangefinder market. There's not a lot of samples about it's video quality. Even still, I'm sure this camera will disrupt a bit of business from the M43 crowd along with Sony's ILC audience who wanted a nice small high quality interchangeable lens camera. With the new adapter for Leica lenses, it may even sway some of that high end market from Leica's very expensive bodies..

Prices are sketchy online, and there is currently no price listed over at the product page at B&H (here)

Fuji X-Pro Video.

One thought on “Fujifilm X-Pro1 ILC

  1. MN

    My girlfriend has the x100 and the still images are really really nice. The video it shoots is okay, but nothing spectacular. I wonder if it's the codec that doesn't holds up?

    Still, I'd be interested in this cam as a video shooter; just have to see how it performs and what frame rates/resolutions it offers.

    The sensor technology seems promising.

    I think the suggested retail is 2K?

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