Final Days – Savings on Manfrotto Video Products

Just a reminder that those Manfrotto Rebates will expire (this week) on Jne 15th. If you were looking to pick up a set of Video Tripod Legs, a Video Fluid Head, Video Monopod, and more, NOW might be the time to check out those deals.

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I'm seeing rebates as much as $125 off retail price. Rebates include discounts on Manfrotto's latest Video Fluid Head with Bridging Technology - the MVH500AH Video Fluid Head, and also on their very popular 561BHDV Video Monopod (which BTW includes another $50 dollar gift card).

A few days left for these rebate offers, so make sure to check it out over at B&H (found Here).

find-price-button Manfrotto Rebates on Professional Video Equipment

17 thoughts on “Final Days – Savings on Manfrotto Video Products

  1. Erik K

    Hi Mike C

    How does the combination 500AH and 562B-1 work out for you.

    I am considering the same combination, so that I can use the 500AH on my tripod as well. With this combination though you get fluid pan in the monopod and in the video head. How does that work.

  2. brian

    does anyone know if there's plans for another round of rebate savings in the near future?

  3. Mike C

    Ah, you are referring to the Monopod. I read 'tripod head', so I figured you were speaking of a tripod kit. That would surprise me if it truly was not removable. The 562B-1 which is the basic monopod w/ a QR plate on top has the ability to be taken off with the loosening of a set pin that is hidden under the sliding QR plate. I wonder if the 500 series monopod head has the same option.

    I am not a fan of the limited models released with their monopod sets...I think the few dollars extra of getting an actual 500AH and 562B-1 is worth it. I wish they would release the monopod without any sort of QR or head, and it would probably save $30-40, but that's not really enough of a margin for them to make a separate model.

  4. Mike C

    @Rob S., can you link to the exact verbiage? The 500AH is the 3/8" flatmount model, and the 500A is the bowl mount model. It is my understanding that the 500A's bowl system isn't entirely removable as there is a long threaded bolt that will run through it. However, the 500AH's 3/8" flatmount allows for a 75mm bowl/halfball adapter to be attached. My plan it to use this head on the 562B-1 monopod I recently ordered, and eventually use it on some Davis & Sanford Provista Grounder (GR18) sticks w/ the 75mm mount when needed.

  5. Rob S.

    The B&H ad says that the tripod head is not removable on the 500 series kit. That would suck if true since you couldn't take the head off for slider duty or to use on sticks. Can anybody verify this? I actually just bought the 500 head alone since I'm upgrading my monopod and use my 701 for second camera.

  6. Thanks guys. I actually ended up biting the bullet and getting the 504HD/546b Combo. We already have a small set of sticks and 701 for travel, but a super sturdy/heavy duty system is going to be great for one of the mini-jibs Em recommended the other week.

    I should just give Em my credit card. We end up buying half the stuff he recommends!

  7. Archie

    Just ordered the 500AH kit, B&H is great in helping out as I called to ask the coupon says only $65 for products upto $449.99 but the site says $125 and the said Manfrotto confirmed I will be getting $125 not $65
    So great price of $325 for the kit

  8. Mike C

    @JohnnyD Have you looked into the Sachtler FSB series? Sachtler FSB-6 Fluid Head might be worth looking into. It handles a little bit more than your 502

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @JonnyD - The 504HD is a very very large head. It is indeed an upgrade but it's not very portable. I still enjoy traveling and using the small 701HDV on my carbon sticks. Not as sturdy but convenient for travel.

  10. Em, thanks for the recommendation. Would you consider the 504HD as a decent upgrade to the 502a? We have a budget of about a $1k and already have some great small manfrotto sticks, so something sturdier and more heavy duty is fine for us.

  11. Rob S.

    Anybody use the NeoTec monopod with a fluid head? That monopod allows you to lower and raise the monopod with one trigger switch. Seems like that would be pretty handy.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - This is a fixed drag setting. On the 500 you cannot adjust the amount of drag you can only lock or unlock it the pan and tilt. I find it perfectly fine for what I do, but if you have to do very fast panning with sports, a fixed drag may not be the right head. For something variable you have to move up to the 502.

  13. Rob

    I'm very interested in the 500 head for my slider and also for my lightweight tripod but several reviewers say the panning setting is too tight. Did you experience any issues with the panning being too stiff??

  14. Mike C

    With the rebate deal, I've purchased both the 562B-1 monopod (received and used on 2 occasions), as well as a 500AH head (on its way). I wasn't content with the idea of the limitations of the modified 500 head that comes with the new monopod, so I ordered the basic monopod w/ plate and will utilize the full 500AH as its head.

    What sold me on the 500AH is the ability to top load, and the position/ergonomics of the controls, however the limitations of fluid resistance on this model are a bit sad. I really wish the Sachtler Ace's head was able to be bought separately from the legs.

    My goal is to eventually find a good set of 75mm bowl mount sticks similar to the Miller Solo's, and use the 500AH with the 75mm halfbowl adapter. This head seems versatile enough to use on sticks, the monopod, or slider.

    I look forward to clicking in my shoulder rig to the head.

  15. Thanks for these, Em. I'm curious, if you needed to buy a single tripod that's sturdy, smooth, and relatively stable, which would you get?

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