Extra 25% OFF Pico Plates from PNCGear.com

[emaillocker] After posting a few images of my BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera Rig, i've received a lot of questions about how i'm mounting the single top 15mm Rod and my Monitor. The answer is this little Pico Plate by Kamerar. It's a tiny but super versatile piece you shouldn't be without.

You can attach it directly to an accessory (audio recorder, monitor, led light, wireless mic receiver, etc.) and then clamp it to a 15mm rod.

kamerar pico plate 15mm rod

Or you can add a Pico Plate to the sides or top of any Cage, and it will allow you to have a 15mm Rail clamp anywhere you choose. When combining two of them together you can make a very effective and sturdy EVF or Monitor Mount.

kamerar pico plate 15mm clamp mount

Since i've received a lot of comments about this part, i've asked PNCGear if they could offer a coupon code to my Exclusive subscribers. The kit they offered to discount is a 2pc Pico Plate combo that includes a polished aluminum 15mm Rod. It's a great kit. So if you're interested in this item, the coupon code is below - Enjoy!

25% OFF Coupon Code: CheesyCam-PicoCombo
On Item: https://www.photographyandcinema.com/products/pico-plate-combo

kamerar pncgear pico plate accessory clamp
Kamerar Pico Plate 15mm Clamp Accessory Mount