Aputure DEC LensRegain Focal Reducer vs Metabones Speedbooster S

I'm prepping for my trip to NAB, but I thought I could squeeze in this quick test of the new Aputure DEC LensRegain vs the Metabones Speedbooster S Version. Both of these adapters offer a wider field of view when used with smaller sensor cameras (i.e. Micro Four-Thirds cameras or Sony E-Mount). Since they concentrate more light to your sensor, all of your lenses will end up having faster apertures as well. For instance my Canon EF 100mm F/2.8L Macro shows as an F/2.0 when using the DEC LensRegain.

The test was using a GH4 and an 85mm XEEN Cinema Prime shot in 4K. As you can see the Metabones Speedbooster 'S' Version achieves a wider field of view over the DEC LensRegain. But the adapter is about $650 US Dollars (here). I'm not exactly sure, but the Aputure DEC LensRegain may list for around $500.

Learn-More-sm Metabones Speedbooster S Version EF - M43 Lens Adapter

Besides the slight difference in field of view, the Aputure DEC LensRegain in my opinion performed very well. Lines look straight, image seemed sharp from middle to corners. There's a good number of cheap focal reducers on the market that can't seem to get the optics right. I can't say it's any better than the Metabones Speedbooster S Version, but I can say that the DEC LensRegain performed far better than some cheap adapters i've tried.

And while certainly cheaper than a Metabones adapter, it does have a trick up it's sleeve. The DEC LensRegain is actually a wireless follow focus system for Canon EF Lenses too. And If you've never heard about the DEC Lens Adapters, take a look at this video I made from the original (non focal reducer) version.

After using it for a while (and after the NABShow) i'll do an official review of the DEC LensRegain, but if this was something you were already looking for and were just waiting for some samples, I can say the optics itself look really good.

aputure dec lens regain
Learn-More-sm Aputure DEC Lens Adapter LensRegain Focal Reducer + Wireless Follow Focus

15 thoughts on “Aputure DEC LensRegain Focal Reducer vs Metabones Speedbooster S

  1. Hai D Le

    anyone ever try the lens regain with an MFT to E mount adapter for APSC sony's? i'm guessing since MFT is a hair smaller than super35, u'll get some vignetting?

  2. Ende

    Scratch my last question. I didn't realize Aputure's electronic ND filter is a focal reducer as well. Thanks.

  3. Hi there,

    I would like to know if it's possible to focus automatically through the camera with this adapter. I'm thinking on getting a Sony A7S II and adapter for my Canon lenses. I haven't seen any information regarding this. I want to use the camera for video and stills so automatic focus for taking pictures would be great. This adapter is cheaper than its competitors so I really want to know how it performs in this aspect...


  4. Post author

    @Chris K. - The only thing I notice is with my 'less quality' lenses that are already soft wide open. Once this focal reducer is mounted you get an extra stop and the image wide open gets even more soft. But when you stop down a bit, it's super sharp. Not a bad thing as you end up getting a wider field of view.

    If I put a good quality lens on that is sharp at it's widest, then it will still be sharp with the adapter. So there's definitely going to be some favorite lenses to use with the adapter. I'll try to get a video up with it in use on one of our gimbals as that's where the product is really really helpful.

  5. Hey Em, can you update us on how the Aputure DEC is performing, particularly with regards to image quality? Does it significantly soften images? (Some comparisons of stills and short vids would be interesting.) I'm guessing for 4k out of the GH4, this will be perfectly fine and any softening is insignificant when you're talking about pixel binning.

  6. PinPin

    How well does this adapter do shooting stills? Im debating on getting this or the metabones. Also, thank you for video demos!

  7. Please can somebody mail them a picture of what a remote follow focus looks like. It has a twiddly knob that you turn to change focus not a rocker taken out of a 1995 jvc handycam. When they do that we will all take them seriously.

  8. David

    The new version of the Aputure DEC looks promising, and the chart tests suggest it is as good, if not slightly sharper than the Metabones. What's not to like? I have the first version DEC, and it works pretty well. The remote sometimes looses signal and I have to reboot, so I hope the new version is better. The new configuration will make mounting much easier. Aputure is making some great products.

  9. Looks good Emm. I wonder if you can use it without power, i.e. if you hadn't charged it the night before, or during a long shoot, the power runs out. Obviously, the Follow Focus wouldn't work, but as it's a lens, it may just work without aperture control?

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