Edelkrone $25K Grand Prize Draw

Edelkrone (maker of video gear) is promoting a $25K Grand Prize Draw. Your chance to win is as simple as joining their community of social networks by Subscribing, Liking, Following, etc. More details following the link below.

Edelkrone Grand Prize Draw

8 thoughts on “Edelkrone $25K Grand Prize Draw

  1. Alex T

    Edelkrone haven't posted any follow up press releases or info on the prize draw. They delayed it quite a few times then it disappeared.

  2. Adrien

    After delaying this prize draw over and over, it just vanished of their website... seems like they canceled it... I'm not sure this is a good publicity for them to make promises they won't hold...

  3. Max Diesel


    I own the Modula 9+ Too, My Focus Plus has Next to 0 Backlash . Have you contacted Edelkrone about your issue, their customer service is fast and efficient. Most likely you only need to tighten one of the adjustment screws.

    I Love this Rig and how versatile it can be, I can have a small handheld rig or a larger all day double shoulder rig. My only complaint would be the double shoulder pad makes a bit of a sqweek noise which can be picked up by mics.

  4. Neirad

    Nice. If I win I will sell all the Apple stuff in the prize and get better lenses and I own CS6 so I'll sell that too.

  5. Ricky

    I am not convinced of Edelkrone anymore after investing hundreds of US$. The quality of the follow focus plus is very very very bad. It is a nice idea but they machined the parts very bad. The backlash is over an inch and I just wonder how long the rubber band inside stays intact before decaying. It is by no means smooth. Also due to the very long waiting times and the bad information from this company I would never buy the rather expensive gear from Edelkrone anymore. Unfortunately I have a modula 9+ with follow focus plus. Another problem of Edelkrone is that theri prizes always change and every few month there is a new similar product, sometimes even before they are able to deliver the "old" product. I am really disappointed of Edelkrone.

  6. Tom

    I like Edelkrone equipment.. but something is holding me back.. Don't know what.

    Seems like a good contest, but why this push for your information? I know its a marketing ploy to get more attention, but what will they do with all your information once they have it? Sell it?

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