D|Zoom Lever Style Zoom Control

[Update was confused to what this was] Available now over at Jag35 is the D|Zoom, which is a 'Zoom Lever' to control the 'Zoom Ring' on telephoto lenses.. To be used as in addition to a follow focus system (Prime lenses need not be concerned).

D zoom follow focusdfocus dzoom

Pull the lever and it turns the zoom ring using the same lens gears as any mainstream follow focus. Keep in mind you'll still need a rail system and standard lens gears to operate.

D|Zoom Follow Focus
find-price-button D|Zoom Follow Focus

2 thoughts on “D|Zoom Lever Style Zoom Control

  1. mark

    this thing is priced like gold , but it comes for free with older FF proaim models, and it's on ebay for 50 bucks or so.
    nice try. Everybody wants to make money with the new video enthusiasts, eh?
    look at that : 175? Really?

  2. Rob

    I wonder why it costs so much more than their follow focus? Couldn't you just use another D/Focus for the zoom as well?

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