DSLR Equipment Roller Case – Pelican 1510 Carry On

When it's time to pack for a shoot, i'm a roller bag kinda guy. Easier on the back, and a good way to transport heavy gear. Instead of using one very large roller, I use several FAA approved Airline Carry On sized roller cases. It keeps me from making one case too heavy, easier to fit into smaller cars, and still serves a purpose for airplane travel. Now my current rollers I purchased a while back. I'm definitely due to purchase at least two more rollers, and when I do, here's my direction.

Thinktank SecurityThink Tank Security
find-price-button Think Tank Security Roller Bag Case

First, I'm sure people will point out the Think Tank Security Carry On Rolling Hard Case. Nice case, but upwards of about $400 dollars for a single Roller (not easy on the wallet).

LowePro x100 Roller
find-price-buttonLowePro DSLR Camera Roller Bag Case

Head on over to eBay and do a search for 'Camera Roller'. Yeah you're not going to find any good deals doing it that way either. You'll most likely run into the LowePro x100 Carry On Roller that runs just over $200. Again nice roller, but still not the best deal IMHO. Even the smaller LowePro rollers run quite a bit.

Here's what you should be looking for - The Pelican 1510 Carry On.
In fact this is the case that's bundled with the Red EPIC camera which starts at $58,000 dollars (shown above). It's a hard case roller that you can grab (empty) for just over $110 dolllars. Waterproof, Dust Proof, and Crush Proof - Can't get that in the LowePro or Think Tank. The Pelican cases have a reputation to be rough and rugged. What's great is that you can build a case to suit your needs, and even replace or repair parts should you ever find a way to do some real damage. New O'Rings? New Locks? New Waterproof Liners? Find a used Pelican and you can bring her back to life. The 1510 is basically future proof.

Pelican 1510 Case
find-price-button Pelican 1510 Carry On Size Roller Hard Case

Choose the one with the Pluck Foam inserts and your looking at about $30 dollars more from the empty case. You can also go with the optional Padded Dividers and tack on that lid organizer for small parts. Not looking to use it for your camera gear? Switch out the inserts and change the carry on roller into your Overnight luggage. There's also Laptop dividers you can add to the lid areas. The Pelican 1510 is a modular hard case roller with features other cases twice it's price can't begin to compare to. Albeit not cheap, the Pelican 1510 Carry On sized Rolling Hard Case is a solid roller I think gives the best bang for the buck.

Pelican 1510 Roller Camera Bag CasePelican 1510Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 12.41.15 AMPelican Padded Dividers
find-price-button Pelican 1510 Carry On Size Roller Hard Case

19 thoughts on “DSLR Equipment Roller Case – Pelican 1510 Carry On

  1. I concur with the Thinktank solution. I've had mine for 4 years, still looks and functions great. Plus it just looks like an ordinary carry on. Nope, I sure don't have $10,000 in equipment in this plain looking bag. Nothing to see here!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Rich - I am using foam, but I only have enough room for a BMCC, Switronix Battery, all the chargers, a few SSD Cards, the BMCC hood, and a few extra small pieces. The 1510 is not enough for a full rig.

  3. Rich

    @Emm - just looking to use my BMCC (when it arrives) with my existing Peli 1510 . Ive got velcro currently, would you suggest getting foam ?
    and what have you got in there ? ? can you fit everything you need except the accessories like batts / mattebox / rig etc ?

  4. trevor boyd

    This seems like one of those items that a lot of people have discovered as a great tool for video making. I was looking for a nice pelican for my gear and since the 1510 is the max size for carry-on (and looks like the proper carry-on bag) I started researching about it. Just before making my purchase I wanted to search DSLR filmmaking + Pelican 1510 to find some discussions. Its so funny that it's on cheesycam already which I constantly check for new gear ideas. That settles it for me. I'll be buying one shortly. I think im going for dividers but I may find a way to get cheap foam to better pad some of the compartments i make with dividers.

  5. ALL roller bags are a pain for flying in one respect - the carry on weight limit is 7kg (15lbs to Americans still using 19th century units!) and most of them use more than 50% of that limit even before you put a camera in them.

    I use the Pelican 1510 because if I am forced to check the bag at least I feel the gear will arrive unscathed (assuming it arrives at all!). Another option is the Think Tank Airport Ultralight back pack which is sized to fit this Pelican.

    Roll the whole ensemble to the gate and if you get asked to check the roller, whip out the backpack and check the empty Pelican! Backpack only weighs 1.5kg empty too.

  6. I went to Cuba with a Think Tank International roller and an Urban Disguise 35 which worked out well for a Nikon D7000 and Sony EX1r, H4n, mic, batteries, etc. Not only did they hold all my gear, but I could fit the roller into the overhead bin on most flights. And, my XDCAM EX video camera (lens hood removed) just squeezed into the main compartment along with the DSLR body, lenses, flash, rotolight, and accessories. The Think Tank quality is so good that both bags not only survived the rough trip, but still looked new. Money well spent.

  7. Jason

    great minds em, great minds.

    will be up in sanfran in 2 weeks shooting an nfl camp..we should link up!

  8. Jason

    Wow what a smaller world...and for once I bought it before it was on cheeseycam! woo success. Just got back from 2 great shooting trips to Arizona and Atlanta. Used the 1510 on all my flights and travels. Got the padded dividers and the lid organizer off e-bay for $150. Picked up one of those corded TSA maserlocks.

    Fit all my gopro gear, t2i, 3 lenses and a crap ton of accessories. I through it in a pool the other night (empty of course with newspaper inside). No water leak. Things a beast!

  9. Jamal

    Does anyone know where I can get a roller for my inslider pro 36 ". I need a bag with rollers so I can transport this thing to my gigs, Its very heavy and cumbersome to lug around, especially in NYC.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @NayTron - The bags can be found here: httpss://cheesycam.com/4-ft-jib-back-in-stock/. Very specifically, i'm using the padded On Stage bags.

  11. awesome, can you hook it up with a link? I don't think i'd be able to have it as a hand carry since they're pretty long items. They'll probably end up thinking i have a bomb in there and end up like Gaylord Focker lol. Thanks Emm!

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @NayTron - If you're planning on checking things in, you'll need something well paded. Those On Stage DJ Speaker stand bags i'm using are great. Durable build, and can support many different length tripods. You'll need to really pad it up if you plan on bringing a slider though.

  13. What bag/rolling bags do you suggest to carry sliders and tripods that are about 30 inches long? and that you can travel with?

    I have a couple destination weddings coming up and i'm not sure what I should be using, especially if i need to check it in... Thanks!

  14. I heartily endorse the Pelican 1510. I've got several year's experience with mine on numerous cross-country flights with it stuffed to the gills with either still or video gear.

    Heavy? Well yes, that is a tradeoff. It's a chore to hoist the loaded case into the overhead bin while trying not to mash the little old granny sitting in the isle seat as you grunt and groan getting it up there. Actually it's a bit more hazardous getting it down while fellow passengers (cattle?) all around you are pressing to get off the plane. It has a tendency to swing a little wide as you yank it down, so be careful. Always put it up there wheels first so you have the handle to grab for removal. As a side note, I've never had any airline personnel challenge me on the weight itself since it's carry on. As long as I can wrestle it into the overhead they leave me alone.

    I've only used it sans foam padding. It's usually stuffed with a padded shoulder bag of some sort with a lot of accessories like chargers and microphones arranged deep in the corners. With practice you can learn to get quite a lot of material in there. Which of course makes it heavy, but oh well, I've found it worth the tradeoff.

    It's as rugged as advertised and should never be obsolete. I've got a pair of old Pelican cases (don't recall which model at present) from the 1980s (yes, I'm that old) that are still going strong. The latches, o-rings and hinges are all working fine. Had 'em strapped to the back of snowmobiles more than once. They can take it! So get your 1510 and pump a little iron so you can be in physical shape to manage it on the plane.

    Maybe Pelican should be compensating me for endorsing their products? Good shooting.

  15. john

    I think the only problem with the 1510 Pelican is their weight. even empty they are quite heavy and the weight of handlugage is limited I think

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