DSLR Video Stabilizer with Gun Stock

Gun Stock Video Rig

New Gun Stock shooter style Video Stabilizer rig. This stabilizer configuration uses just a few rods, clamps, single handle, camera stage, and gun stock (chest support) that are found on other popular shooters like the Zacuto Striker (seen here at B&H), or as in the Wondlan Stabilizer (seen here on eBay).

DSLR Video Rig Gun Stock Shooter

It's not exactly like the Wondlan Sniper as the Sniper does not come with a handle and runs for about $150 dollars. Maybe you can better compare the setup on this to the Polaroid Shooter Rig (seen here). This Gun Stock shooter can be broken down to fit in a small bag and runs for around $80 bucks (Click Here).

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5 thoughts on “DSLR Video Stabilizer with Gun Stock

  1. This is so freakin' macho. "The official DSLR support rig of the NRA!" I want one just for the macho factor. To me though the best support for the money is still that cowboy studio $26-30 plastic thing.

  2. Tom

    I agree with Ian - this can freak some people out. I would personally not walk around with this.

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