5D II 5.6″ 1280×800 LCD HDMI Monitor

1280x800 LCD HDMI Monitor Kit DSLR
find-price-button 5D II 5.6" HDMI LCD Video Monitor 1280x800 HD Resolution

The very few cheap HDMI LCD monitors on the market at a size of 5.6" inches will have only 480 lines of resolution. At 1280x800, this New 5.6" HDMI LCD Monitor for DSLR video use would be considered true HD resolution.

the same resolution as the 13" Macbook Pro, but in a 5.6" display. This means that you'll see nearly a 300% improvement in detail with the H005 over competing field monitors"

For just about $230 dollars, this little monitor is quite impressive. If HD resolution claims are true, that price is a third what you could find elsewhere.

Of course it doesn't state fancy features like False Color on high end brands, but this monitor has Focus Peaking assist, powered by standard Sony batteries (or optional Canon LP-E6 battery plate), comes with a deep leather Sunshade, Ball Head Shoe Mount, Sony Battery Plate, XLR power adapter, HDMI cable, and BNC adapter. Check out this new min HD resolution HDMI LCD monitor via eBay (Click Here)

5-6 inch HDMI LCD HD 1280x800HDMI LCD Monitor HD 5-6 InchHDMI SUnshade LCD Monitor HD resolution
find-price-button 5D II 5.6" HDMI LCD Video Monitor 1280x800 HD Resolution

31 thoughts on “5D II 5.6″ 1280×800 LCD HDMI Monitor

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Matthijs - I have not tried a converter, but i'm sure they work just fine. I personally just made the decision to spend the extra money on a good EVF that does both HDMI and SDI instead of having to carry around an extra piece of equipment that would add more weight, more wires, and require another battery.

  2. Matthijs

    Hey Emm, have you tried HDMI monitors of the 5" size with a HDMI-HDSDI convertor for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

    Because native SDI monitors are way more expensive then stuff like this.

  3. Darren

    I just received the "upgraded" version of this monitor (it has an aluminum case, and apparently doesn't do 16x10 automatically, doesn't blink when you hit record, etc.)


    I think it's great. It works like a charm on my 5D Mark iii... in standard mode (so if you don't click the "5d" button) it says 1080i input resolution, and it's razor sharp. On the non-5d setting however, it crops the image on the top and sides, but it's not much of an issue.

    If you hit the 5d button, it forces the monitor / input resolution to SD, and it fills the entire screen. I actually prefer the non-5d setting as the resolution is higher and the image looks better, albeit it doesn't fill up the entire screen.

    One other point - the magic lantern screen works perfectly on this monitor with the 5d camera. However, on my T3i, the focus peaking wasn't working on the monitor - so it wasn't showing up properly. It was just a series of red lines at the top of the screen. So I guess with the T3i, it doesn't work the same as with the 5d.

    In any case - I'm really happy with this monitor

  4. getem

    The truth is save your money and buy the smallHD..... I returned the monitor back. Might be good for some, but I like quality and felt this monitor as of now is not there.

    I would gladly pay $100 more if they made the screen and housing better.

  5. imdjay

    getem, did you find any way to solve or improve on your issues? any others with this monitor have opinions on it?

  6. getem

    I just got this monitor and here's a few problems. It comes with an included power adapter for lp-e6 batteries, problem is there is no way to mount it onto the monitor..... I had to velcro it on, which makes it look rather ugly. I would suggest buying 3rd party sony batteries and use the standard plate that comes with it.

    Now onto colors, they are totally off. I am using a GH2 and looking at a simple red pillow it looks washed out and grey on the monitor and looks nice and crip on the camera's lcd... I don;t know what's happening here.

    Also there appears to be more noise on this monitor than the actual lcd screen.

    As of now I am disappointed, I will be making some further test and update tomorrow. Small Hd monitor cost DP6 monitor cost $799 compared to this $249. I'm starting to see why, as it looks like these cheap monitors simply do not display the image how they properly look.

    My choice now is to use this monitor , go back to only using cameras lcd or really buy what I should in the dp6 by small hd


  7. Drew Veeneman

    Finally got mine in the mail from China today... it works! The picture looks great on my GH2...

    Also, I was brave and cut the wires on the wall plug, so that it is wired to my 8.4V RC car battery. That works fine as well

  8. Drew Veeneman

    Awesome, sold! I'm going to try powering this powering this and my gh2 with one of those monster RC batteries Phil Hover was talking about.

    @Ville Are you sure it's 16/10? The native resolution of 1280x800 is slightly bigger than 720p... so ideally there should be a black bars at the top and bottom for the 16/9 aspect ration. If it's filling the whole screen(i.e. not being squeezed) then the 16/10 ration makes sense.

    Either way 16/10 is close enough for framing and good focus.

  9. Jonas

    5d owners - how do you guys expose with this camera? How true is the exposure compared to the back lcd screen which I think goes black once the hdmi port is used. I have a 5D mark III

  10. Greg

    This is the only monitor I have come across with a Fun button. This must be great on set when things get a little tense. I believe they made a typo when they spelled it as Fan, which wouldn't be the first on a monitor. Anyways having a blue Gun button is nice for such a low price monitor.

    But if I bought this, I would actually love to still have the "fun" button printed on the front so I can tell the AC not to touch it until the martini shot.

    How do you think this compares to the Lilliput 5D I/O monitor? Absolutely LOVE my SmallHD DP4, but a nice b-cam, backup or client monitor would be nice.

  11. Ville

    I have this one. The resolution is true and works brilliantly with GH2. Only "issue" is that 16:9 picture gets squeezed to 16:10.

  12. Well I found a similar one on Amazon, Not sure if its the same one though. But the Review on it was pretty good. Here is what he says about it.
    "Well I chose to buy this monitor because it has 1280x800 resolution which seems to be a hard thing to come by unless you spend upwards of a $1000. The other choice I was considering was the 7" Liliput with 1024x600 resolution. I decided against it because I wanted something smaller and lightweight. The monitor receives video through an HDMI input. I have so far used it with a Canon 5D mk2, 600D and 7D, the 7D comes on top due to its constant 1080i signal whilst recording. The same is result is achieved with Panasonic's AF-100 video camera. I shot in a dark studio environment with high contrast and the monitor failed to produce the blacks consistently with blocky noise patterns; a glance at the studio monitor did not show this. However in day time, the colours are crisp and accurate once saturation, contrast and hue are tweaked.

    The colour temperature settings on the monitor do not have any effect when changed so you should stick to changes in camera. I find it mainly useful for judging focus and framing a composition but doesn't compare with a high quality studio monitor. I would like this product improved by having a 'filled frame' mode as it currently displays the video with pillar boxes at the sides. I don't know if this really is 1280x800 monitor, I might have to compare it with a Small HD monitor because I have never heard of such a rez at this price; A sony battery plate was included in my purchase, you can buy cheap aftermarket Sony batteries for $25-30 USD. A HDMI-HDMI mini cable, sunhood and case was included to keep it protected. The monitor is cheap and it works :)"

    Here is the Link as well.

  13. Eric Ferguson

    Just purchased it. I put in "best offers" at 200, 220 and then 230. $230 was accepted, all the other offers were automatically, instantly rejected.

    So the instant cutoff price point is somewhere between 220 and 230

    Amazing deal. I hope it works!

  14. Eric Ferguson

    THIS is the monitor I've been waiting for. Brilliant. Perfect for my 7D (which does output 1080i while recording, it's one of the few "old" generation canon DSLRs that does).

    Thrilled to see this thing coming to market. Placing my order right now.

  15. J Hanna

    I love how it compares itself to smallHD ...twice.
    I owned 2 monitors before buying my DP4.
    I LOVE my dp4. Totally worth the investment into extremely high quality future proof monitor that provides excellent quality, customer control, and customer relations.
    When you email, they get back to you crazy quick with an answer and it's someone here, in this country, speaking English.
    I got an email from them, a standard email blast email, and I responded back. Within an hour they informed me they were having a sale on their monitors.
    PS: Smallhd is having a sale right now... yes their DP4 is more expensive than this guy BUT if you only own one monitor...get the gold.

    Now, saying all that. I am totally intrigued by this monitor for a focus puller monitor or b cam monitor.

  16. I'm looking for a monitor for my T2i. Would this output similar to the 5D Mark II? Is this the best model for now for the T2i?



  17. Mike

    Seems to offer edge contrast peaking!

    "When start peaking focus assis, monitor will lower brightness of image and focus panel within the bright white lines appear, make foucus more clear."

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Jerry - For older, maybe so, but the higher pixel density could be better for focusing. New DSLRs are Outputting good res including 5DM3 and T4i. I think low res out from cams will be a thing of the past. They may not be 'clean' to record from, but they will be 1080 at least.

  19. Jerry

    Emm, but wouldn´t this extra resolution be useless for most DSLRs since they output much less when recording?

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