Double Vision – Two BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras

Double rainbow two BlackMagic Pocket Cinema cameras Cheesycam

Well if there are any questions about whether the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera pre-orders are actually shipping, here's the order I placed on the first day they became available. I've also caught several Tweets of others who have already received their item as well. I was lucky to have spent some time with camera to be well prepared for these new shipments, so it will be easy for me to get started shooting as soon as I unbox these bad boys... Or maybe I should just give one of them away??

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20 thoughts on “Double Vision – Two BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras

  1. vladbox

    @marklondon no, I have not shot yet with the C500 but from reliable sources I hear is very good. I have shot however with the Alexa, which is the reason I looked so hard into the BMCC. I will wait patiently though.

  2. I think you should just give both of them away. Kidding. I love my GH3 I had just about every camera under the 5D iii and other manufactures and GH3 is a dream to work with. I just ordered a non autofocus lens for it I hope I don't miss the autofocus. I ordered two Pockets did not get them yet but it's going to be real hard for me to not use my GH3. Emm were did you order your pockets from.

  3. marklondon

    You have some very odd readers.
    That's great, look forward to your work with them. More and more interesting looking stuff coming in every day as people get used to the sensor.
    Bloom's Venice piece sold me.
    I'm going to assume @vladbox has never actually used a C500.

  4. Dalton

    I will gladly take one off your hands if your arsenal is starting to get to heavy. I think i can handle a little camera noise.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @jarrett towe - Very kind offer, but this is currently what my RX100 collection looks like. (2) RX100 and (1) RX100 MK2:

  6. vladbox

    I think the BMPCC and its sensors are the "Windows OS" of all the Cameras out there. You and Phillip convinced me, no doubt, that the only way to go for now is Canon or GH3 in the low end or Canon C500 and RED on the high end. I wish them well and I hope the future will see improvements on those systems, but am in the buss to make a return and have fun shooting not fixing.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Danny - There's no way these Pocket Cam's will replace my two GH3 cameras. I still think the GH3 is one of the easiest cameras to work with that can offer excellent results. I admit the image coming from a full frame with shallow depth of field is very nice from my Mark III, but sometimes you just want to go lightweight with auto focus.

  8. jarrett towe

    Heck, I'll give you an rx100 with less than 300 shots on it AND a tripod AND a 32gb sd card to boot! You can never really have ToO many rx100s!

  9. jarrett towe

    I think that since I have bugged you endlessly since the hx9v, I am the rightful heir to the magic box of black magic!

  10. Happy to hear that you got the camera.
    In case you go crazy and make a giveaway, you got my e-mail 😉
    Have fun with them! Do a 3D shoot with both of them 😀

  11. Or maybe you should sell both and just stay with the GH3's Just kidding Emm, but I had too. LOL.

    I transitioned from the Mark III and love the GH3. (Based on your reviews and opinions and a great one at that!) Granted all cameras have their place. I appreciate your updates of the new technology.


  12. just in case you completely lost your mind and are actually giving away one of 'm, email me for my address. I'll be happy to pay for shipping 😉
    have fun with your cameras !

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