Cinevate Duzi Slider Video

The Cinevate Duzi had been announced a few weeks ago with nothing more than specs and a few images. Here's a recent video showcasing the more affordable Cinevate Duzi Video Slider.

More information about the Cinevate Duzi slider can be found at the product page:

Cinevate Duzi Lightweight Portable Video Slider

6 thoughts on “Cinevate Duzi Slider Video

  1. Ron Baselice

    @Paul Houston, so I'm guessing you wouldn't recommend the Konova K1 slider then. will be using it for my GH3's. THanks in advance...

  2. I've been looking to replace my Konova K3 for a while. It has way too many fail points in comparison to the Duzi. I find myself repairing quite often with my Konova (even in the middle of a shoot).

    For under $400?! Definitely peaked my interest.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Johnny - I don't know of many 47" full bearing sliders. Can you share this info? Also, this is targeted to be a truly portable system, lightweight carbon rails and a very short short length.

  4. Joshua

    Looks like you are having the same vimeo problem I had with Embedding! To fix it, click on "get old embed code" or, reupload the video multiple times until it finally lets you. I contacted vimeo about it and they said it should be sorted out within 6-12 months. Ha!

    (If anybody is seeing the "This video can't be played with your current setup)

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