DIY Video Shooter Support

YouTube member TheEthanThompson has a very simple idea on how to use an articulating friction arm to add a bit of extra support when shooting hand held. The arm can be positioned much like a gun stock / target shooter to add an extra point of contact. My guess is you'll need at least the 11" version to give you more room for adjustments, and some sort of brace on the end to work comfortably. A handy little tip to know if you already have an articulating arm. [Thanks Ethan]

Articulating Friction Arm
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6 thoughts on “DIY Video Shooter Support

  1. Scott

    You'd be surprised at the weight these arms will carry. I've had my 7D fully loaded on one of these without it moving.

  2. Yes, I did forget to mention the weight limits. The most I'd trust on these arms, using them as a support, is a small shotgun and the bare camera. Anything more and I think the arms would get a little iffy. But thanks for the kind words guys and keep up the awesome work!

  3. Rob

    I use the Manfrotto shoulder brace when I need something quick. It's actually a little cheaper than the arm but made of plastic. Works well. I have a couple arms so might give this a try to see if it offers better positions.

  4. imgpro615

    this is a smart diy!
    one thing of note...using it with a bare camera is probably the best since the arms, though strong, are not without their limits...
    holding it too tightly can cause some slippage...
    I have used a couple of the 7" arms and the 11" arms as handles and in similar manner to Emazing Ethan...
    even tried them in a DIY cinevate simplis configuration...with a kitted rig anf monitor etc, it will not hold so well

    so word to the wise, if you use this very cool configuration like Ethan, keep it LIGHT!!

    that said, those arms are so very cool!! and at the current price, you'd do well to have a few of both lengths!
    i own 4 of each la DIY!

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