Convert Sony Panasonic MTS Files Final Cut Pro

Convert Sony Panasonic MTS files
Convert MTS GH2 HX9 DSC-HX9 GH3

A question came in about converting MTS files. MTS files can be generated by popular cameras like the Panasonic GH2 or my new Sony HX9. I've tried just about everything, and then I decided to just look into the App Store. Here you'll find a free application called Smart Converter. This thing not only rocks because it's completely free, but it's lightning fast. A 30 second MTS clip can be converted in literally 1 second. Yeah that's fast. Only problem is that you need to grab it from the Apple App Store, no program installations (for older MAC OS without App Store).

Not only is this good for MTS file conversion, but pretty much everything else you throw at it too. It maintained my Sony DSC-HX9 footage with no visible compression or significant change in file size. You can also use it to convert Audio files too. I had to use this to hand off some MTS files to a friend who edits in Final Cut Pro. Come to think of it, since I don't edit in Final Cut Pro, I haven't tried this on Canon DSLR files. I'll have to try that out in a bit, might work great too. Find it below.

Smart Converter App Store

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  1. hal meeks

    Has anyone tried Media Converter? It's free and someone has done an AVCHD rewrap preset. We are using it with footage from our Canon camcorder. I just finished a wmv preset for it and am working on a DV (for the oldsters) preset now. In fact - the ability to build your own presets is one of it's nicest features.

    Hope this helps!

  2. jarrett towe like that step by step. about to pull my footage using osx 1.6, and have fcp studio and adobe master suite. thanks!

  3. videoguy916

    I was able to figure out how to convert the files to Pro Res, or h264 using adobe media encoder in CS5. Let me know if anyone wants a step by step.

    I took a little trip to lake tahoe last weekend for the celebrity golf tournament, and decided to leave my 7D at home. I filmed a little vacation video 95% on my new Sony HX9v (a few gopro shots mixed in).

    I am amazed at the quality of this little camera! Even the sound quality is impressive.

    Here is my little video:

    Keep in mind it has been compressed for vimeo. Looks twice as nice on my comp in full-res.

  4. I'm not beeing able to import hx9v footage into final cut pro 7 using the log and transfer option. Using the camera connected via usb or the card into the computer. The log and transfer shows me the files, but can't import 'em.

  5. I have tried to access the app on three different computers and can't get into my app account. Now it says I have to wait 8 hours. My other two computers on os 10.5 can't use the App store app so there is no way to get this application. I think the app store is pretty lame. Is there no other way to get this app?

  6. I ran into the issue of needing to convert MTS files to MOV files on an older Mac G5, and after searching the Internet to find converter programs, I stumbled upon VoltaicHD.

    VoltaicHD is AWESOME! While it does cost some money, it's well worth it.

  7. Hello. We make Smart Convert so I thought I'd explain a couple of things. The fast conversion that you see from MTS to MOV is a rewrap rather than a conversion. This rewrapped file will play in QuickTime but it's not editable in FCP.

    Final Cut Pro X can handle rewrapped MTS files (Apple call this native AVCHD) but the files produced by Smart Converter will not work either. This is because Smart Cinverter uses FFmpeg for this step and FFmpeg doesn't to the rewrap correctly. We have a rewrap app under development which does a FCPX rewrap correctly.

    In order to create files that work with the old Final Cut Pro you have to transcode to ProRes. This takes time and can be done by our other converter VoltaicHD.

  8. Joe

    didn't like it... But it's free, so it's not too bad..

    I prefer to use clipwrap. I can choose to rewrap the mts file to be readable by finalcut. It just changes the extension. same size file. Or I can select different prores conversion.
    It's faster than converter, but.....'s 50usd....

  9. Yes, you can convert MTS with log and transfer. You don't need the camera to be connected to the computer either, you just need to make sure that you copy the ENTIRE directory structure into a folder on your computer, DCIM, MISC, and PRIVATE.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Miller - Yes most people transcode with other software, but this was mainly for MTS files. Are you able to convert MTS with log and transfer too?

  11. Miller

    There are some pretty bad reviews on the app store. I prefer to use the "log and transfer" option from the file menu in final cut 7. It allows you to log clips as you like and have full control of the transcode settings. It's fast as well, the only downside is that the camera must be connected to the computer, it won't work from a card reader.
    just my 0.02

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