Control New Tascam DR-22WL DR-44WL Audio Recorders over Wi-Fi

Tascam has unleashed the power to control these two new Digital Portable Audio Recorders over Wi-Fi with your PC or Mac computer or through your iOS or Android Smart Phone. These audio recorders create their own WiFi network, so there's no need for a router or an existing wireless network. Your device connects directly to the unit.

tascam wifi app remote control audio recorder

Using the new Tascam DR control app, you'll have the power to start and stop recording or playback, verifying that the meters and time counter are moving. The app also allows you to adjust the input gain, change the stereo mix, enable low rolloff filter or limiter, and virtually any other control on the recorder.

Now if you want to listen to the audio over Wi-Fi, you'll only be able to monitor the audio during 'playback' of a file - not during the actual recording. Obviously you'll want to monitor the audio whenever possible, but the ability to control wirelessly is pretty awesome if you have to place your recorder in an odd location, or if you're just not part of the action.

find-price-button Tascam DR-22WL Portable Audio Recorder with Wi-Fi

Product Highlights
Stereo XY Microphone
Wi-Fi-Enabled Control and File Transfers
8-Position Scene Dial Recording Presets
24-bit/96kHz Recording
Transport Control App
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find-price-button Tascam DR-44WL Portable Audio Recorder with Wi-Fi

Product Highlights
Stereo XY Microphone
2x XLR Inputs
Wi-Fi Enabled Control and File Transfers
4-Track Multitrack Mode
24-bit/96kHz Recording
Built-In Reverb
Hot Shoe Mount
Hand Grip, Windscreen, micro-USB Cable
SD Card, Soft Case, AC Adapter
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8 thoughts on “Control New Tascam DR-22WL DR-44WL Audio Recorders over Wi-Fi

  1. Hi guys!
    What do you think of batteries in DR-22?
    I have to say that when I insert fresh batteries (GP Super Alkaline) it already shows 2/3 power. After turning on WiFi it shows 1/3 power. In 1 minute WiFi automatically turns off with message "Low battery power. WiFi turned off"
    All that with fresh batteries!
    Which batteries you successfully use for 9-17 hours of recording?

  2. Has anyone been able to get the wifi playback to work? I can get DR-22 to connect to the iPhone app and can control it from there (levels aren't very fluid, but ok). But no sound from the app when recording (near-realtime or otherwise) and the 'Play' button in the app actually makes the *recorder* play out of its tiny speaker rather than streaming any audio to the iPhone. Basically defeating the whole purpose.

    Recorder is updated to 1.11 for main fw, 1.01 for wifi fw, DR Control app is latest 1.0.4.

    I can send files from the recorder over to the iPhone app, but that's of limited utility for me personally. I need *monitoring*.

  3. Eric

    I thought the same thing, Luca. I went to the Tascam site and read this:

    Audio from the DR-22WL can also be streamed over Wi-Fi to check the recording. Plug headphones into your smartphone and listen to a near-realtime feed from the recorder.

    So maybe it does? If so, it's a no-brainer. I would ditch the wireless and go with this solution.

  4. John

    Why does Tascam keep putting the 1/4-20 thread so close to the battery? They need to make a smaller battery cover so that we can use both the 1/4-20 and switch battery at the same time...

  5. Luca

    Gah! So close!

    If only they'd let you monitor your audio while recording then I'd say bye bye to ever buying an expensive wireless lav pack!

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Brian Siano - The cheaper unit can be compared to something like a Zoom H1. Smaller and no XLR inputs.

  7. These look wonderful, but there's something odd. The description for the cheaper recorder, the 22WL, says that it has XLR inputs with phantom power. But the photos of the unit show no XLR inputs at all. Do the mikes at the top of the thing come off, revealing XLR inputs?

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