Compact 4 ft. Video Crane Jib – Back

I posted this article about a week ago. A few minutes after posting the first item was off the grid. It's back if anyone was looking, found here:

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @David G.Rubianes - Yes it can. The pan will come from your Tripod head, so make sure you put it on a head that can pan.

  2. Emm

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    @mike_tee_vee - I would get Flycam. No it won't sit around, you'll find plenty of uses for it. That or a very short slider (not a long one).

  3. mike_tee_vee

    On a limited budget, would an amateur get more utility out of a video crane jib, or a handheld stabilizer (i.e. Flycam, Glidecam, etc.)? Or do both end up collecting dust in the closet 😉 ?

  4. SkunkWorks

    @Alfonso & Travis

    The height would depend on what they mean by 4 foot crane... if that's the length of the boom then you won't actually be adding 4 feet to your height when it's at its highest position because the pivot point or fulcrum looks like it's placed over 1 foot into the boom from the end, so you're really only able to add 2 1/2 - 3 feet of height to your tripod height... and it also doesn't get exactly vertical due to the way the mount is designed. Maybe Travis can take a couple of quick measurements of the boom length and fulcrum distance from the end and let us know.

    ... I'd certainly be interested because I just copied and built this myself by looking at the pictures, but I used a 5 foot boom so I could actually get 4 feet of added height out of it after fulcrum placement. I might make mine extend-able to a longer length in the future... my counterweight end already is.

  5. I was able to purchase one a few hours ago, good thing since I just saw that they've taken them back down from e-bay. Wouldn't have gotten the chance if it weren't for the Cheese! Thanks Em!

  6. Teemu

    Has anybody placed order outside US?

    I'm curious about shipping costs to EU and possible TAX problems if there is any?

    Sellers ebay site says, that delivery also outside US. But you can't find shipping costs and I tried to contact seller but even that was not possible. Quite strange...

  7. Alfonso


    Let me know how it is...just purchased one as well! I'm guessing highest it gets would be around 9 feet high when on a tripod fully extended at about 5 feet?

  8. Mine just arrived. Not to be to eBayish, but shipping was fast and the crane was packed really well. Can't wait to put it to use!

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