Cheaper Microphone WindScreens

Windscreen, Wind Jammers, Softies, Dead Cats/Kittens - whatever they call some of these things, they can run you a pretty penny. If you're familiar with Microphone Windscreens then this next product might look very similar to other high end stuff. While the 'other' guys can charge upwards of $280 dollars, an equivalent MiCover Windscreen can run you just about $70 bucks. Not always that great in savings, but normally you'll be looking at 40-50% cheaper than the other brands. Depending on the microphone you have, simple SlipOvers can run you around just $20 bucks.

How well do they perform? I haven't had the chance to test just yet as i've been busy, but I can tell you that it will work way better than the stock foam. The build quality is very nice with a rubber ring at the tail end, internal foam that looks to be of quality acoustic material, and a furry outer coat. If I have time today, i'll run a quick 'microphone against the fan' test. You can find them in a limited amount of online websites, biggest one being eBay. Available in a Puffin or SlipOver for some microphones that are already built in to Pro Video Cameras. A variety of sizes should fit the most popular accessory microphones from Audio-Technica, Azden, Canon, JVC, Neumann, Panasonic, RodeRoland, Sennheiser, Shure, & Sony. You can find more at their eBay store following the link.

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14 thoughts on “Cheaper Microphone WindScreens

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Elliot - Not sure, I moved to the newer Rode VideoMic Pro and sold the other one.

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  5. Steve

    @Emm & Robert:

    Thanks guys! I'm always looking to learn about new toys I can keep an eye on. I'm a college grad lookng for work in the a/v field. Right now I do freelance work for pro wrestling and cage fighting, but am looking for a more steady job (like the rest of the world). I've gotten the bug in my head of doing outdoor sort of stuff and that's where this 'dead cat' comes into play. I'll look into this a bit more. Bernardo posted a $25 dead cat above in the comments. What are the thoughts on something like that? I mean this entire web page is dedicated to saving pennies (one of my favs btw). What are the pros and cons for each?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Steve - I'm not sure. You may have to contact the manufacturer and let them know what mic you have. There is many factors around dampening wind noise, length of hair might be one, but it's also about creating an air space in between the microphone and the 'fur'. This is why Microphone Blimps are probably the best of the best. The microphone is enclosed inside a capsule with it's own air space. For these types that I have, i'm guessing the large inner foam creates this air space and the fur helps break up the wind pattern.

  7. Steve

    I have the Azden SGM-1X shotgun microphone.
    Which model MiCover should I get?
    Also, how does the length of the hair affect the wind noise?
    Is more better?

  8. Sam

    What are the two sizes that you show'd us in this video? Particularly the one for the Rode video mic.

    Thanks for the videos and reviews, keep them coming.

  9. Mickey Jones

    Hmmm. Interesting. But the Rode WS6 seem like it's made just as well and it's $59 and confirmed effective. I don't think it comes in a shorter length however.

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