Canon 60d Aftermarket Battery Grip BG-E9

I'm actually sending this from my phone. Its very real...

[Update] Ok, so I was a bit excited and decided to post to this blog via my Cell Phone. I'm back in the studio and shot a short clip of what it looks like. People were getting very skeptical about whether this item was real, or just some type of scam. The seller I purchased mine from actually sent a few emails to other people about not being able to ship the item. This was the catalyst to the chaos. Well I never received that email, and here I am with one in my hand. The design is not based on the BG-E9 (similar loading tray as T2i / 550D ), but more off of the BG-E7. The BG-E7 style is very similar to Canon 7D or Canon 5D Mark II's with rear battery loading trays. Quality feels the same as all of my other Aftermarket battery grips (I have on 5D Mark II & 7D), so I think it's coming from the same factory that makes all of these. The OEM Canon BG-E9 feels a bit heavier, but at about $150.00 difference, is it worth it? Not for me at this time, I can find a better way to spend that extra $150 bucks.

(Above) Images of both OEM BG-E9 and Aftermarket BG-E9

I like battery grips because they add more area to the camera body, and also makes changing batteries fast and simple - especially if you're camera is mounted to something. I have two Canon 60D's so one is happy with the OEM, and the other will be happy with the Aftermarket. So it's real, and it's out there, but I noticed a few other people selling them for much higher prices than what I got it for. I'm guessing after this post it, people will be assured, and open up the flood gates... At least I got mine today.

[Update Update]
Follow the link below, and you'll find another Aftermarket Battery Grip with side loading tray like the OEM. These are more expensive than the one I have, but it appears that there is 2 different types of Battery Grips for the Canon 60D.

find-price-button Canon 60D Aftermarket Battery Grip BG-E9

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  1. M505XL

    [update to my previous post]
    I stuck a piece of cloth between the body and the grip on the left side of the tripod screw. The tripod screw is now acting as a fulcrum in a lever system that is pushing the contact pins of the grip tightly against the body's battery spring.
    That has solved the problem of the grip getting loose and losing connection with the body. That was very frustrating when it happened.

    Another problem I haven't mentioned, and isn't as serious, is the fact that the scroll wheel on the grip doesn't always work. Every scroll doesn't correspond with a response from the camera. The camera scroll wheel works 100% of the time. The grip scroll is about 70% successful in causing a response from the camera.

    I just wish the canon grip wasn't so expensive

    If anyone has any ideas on any of this stuff please e-mail or respond. Thanks you!

  2. M505XL

    I bought the grip almost a year ago and it's been working fine. Today the camera turned off and I couldn't figure out the problem. Turns out that there too much slack on the right side of the camera, between the grip and body. I guess the contacts aren't making proper contact. If I squeeze them together everything works. The only thing that I see which holds the grip onto the body is the tripod screw.
    Any ideas on what I can do about this. I tried using my camera without the grip, and I cannot go back to not having one. I also don't want to spend close to $200 for the Canon version.

  3. Hey where did you get the grip? I wanted a rear loading one for my 60D just like my factory 7D grip. But I tried Amazon and ordered a rear loader - got a side loader instead, so returned that and tried ebay where I asked ahead of time if it was a rear or side loader - photo showed rear, and they shipped side loader... I am having to luck getting a rear loader grip.

    If anyone knows where I can order a rear loader (probably nicon brand) please let me know! I don't care that it doesn't look like OEM, I just care that I can swap batteries one at a time and not have to pull out a battery tray.

  4. Finally received my grip in the mail. Product just as Emm shows above. Looks like it was worth the price, and my delay in shipping. I recommend for any 60D shooter.

  5. Paweł Czerski

    Mentioning T2i/550D - has anyone seen a grip with rear battery tray? Might be useful with a cage...

  6. al

    @Emm can you test this for me/us?

    -does the camera cut out when you open the battery door with this grip?
    -If not, can you run with only 1 battery inserted? [maybe check if this works in both slots]
    -if so, then could you change 1 battery at a time, whilst recording???

    🙂 thanks in advance

  7. Harlan

    I got mine today. Its the same one you have Emm. How anyone cant think this is a deal for the $55 bux I paid is crazy.

  8. Eric

    in for one... at this price, i may experiment with spray on rubber coatings for grip if its not enough for me.
    thanks again Emm.

  9. Thanks for the info. After I was refunded due to damage during shipping (my guess is it was messed up in transit from China to the U.S. vendor), I ordered another one from a different seller and should have it any day now.

  10. paolo

    Thanks for that!

    What do you think about those battery grips for 7D with the LCD and the timer for time lapse?

    In your opinion is it worth the $100+ they're asking for?


  11. Dan

    Has anyone ordered the $90 after-market grip? It looks like it has a rubber grip & would function and feel more like the OEM version as well as the 60D at half the price of the OEM

  12. Well even so... my wife will have a hard time letting me spend $150 more for rubber haha. Can't wait to see the picture comparisons!

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Ben - it is not rubber. It's a textured plastic, uploading photos as we speak (or type)....

  14. The thing I am real curious about is the front of the grip. I was sad that the video didn't show the front of it! It looks like in the ebay pics that the grip is a textured plastic front grip and not the rubber grip that is on my 60D. Is this so? I'm super hoping it's the same as the OEM in that it's rubber.

    This grip for me will be mainly for shooting portraits and secondarily an extra battery bonus for long shoots and video work.

  15. Pete McK

    Hey Emm, great site, first time poster. Got my 60D just today. There seem to be a couple of vendors still offering at the lower price, can you say which you chose that delivered?

  16. M505XL

    I purchased this after seeing your last post about the grip. I was able to get it for the $50, but since then the price went up to $70 on that link.

    I got it and it is a great accessory for the price. My 2 favorite things are:
    1) The vertical shooting mode complete with AF-ON button. It also has the exposure lock and auto focus points buttons.
    2) The ability to use the 6 AA batteries.

    Two things I really don't like are:
    1) Quality and feel of the grip were not up to par with the camera. Even looking at it you can see that the quality isn't so good. I feel like if I put too much stress on it, it might break.
    2) I use a tripod and not having the grip between the plate and the 60D has added "A LOT" of wiggle to the set up. This is on my Manfrotto 055XPROB & 496RC2 ballhead.

    I also purchased one of the batteries recommended on this site which is compatible with the OEM charger and shows how much charge is left on the 60D. That was an extra $22.

    I have to admit I'm still happy with the purchase. I would buy it for $50 again knowing what I know now. Maybe not for $70 though.

  17. Thanks for the review. I feel a lot better than before as I wait for mine to come in. Good to know the grip is real.

    I wonder why the seller I'm dealing with location is in the U.S. but the product is most defiantly coming from China? I would be more understanding of a longer shipping time if it said it was coming from overseas.

    Anyway, I'll keep people posted if/when my grip comes in.

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