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Just in case you were wondering why the new Azden SGM-250CX on-camera short shogun microphone sounds so good, it just happens to be the exact microphone as their high end SGM-250. So now you can get the great sound of the SGM-250 modified for on-cam use. I once put the Azden SGM-250CX up against a Rode NTG-1 to a blind test, and let the audience choose which they liked best. Most people chose the SGM-250CX, so that's a testament to their quality of sound. If you're looking for a good short shotgun mic for Cinema cameras like the Canon C100, Ursa Mini, Sony FS7, etc check out the new Azden SGM-250XC (found here).

Azden SGM-250CX Short Shotgun On-Cam Microphone

The new CAME-TV Spry Gimbal has a detachable handle, and the Gimbal Head can be remounted onto an optional battery base. This allows for more creative mounting when you're not working with the Spry handheld. Possible ideas could be used as a bike mount, helmet mount, car mount, etc.

The Spry Gimbal comes with adapters for Smartphones, GoPro, and can support small cameras like the Sony RX100 series. There is a USB remote built into the handle that can control many of Sony camera protocols such as Zoom, Take a Photo, or Start / Stop video recording. Because of the focus on small cameras (but not too small), it could be the best gimbal for the new Sony RX0 camera.

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Product Description via
The CAME-TV SPRY is our innovative 4-in-1 gimbal that comes with three different heads that can be quickly interchanged to hold a smart phone, GoPro, and point-and-shoot cameras up to 1.1 lbs . When using most Sony cameras (ex: Sony RX100), there are 4 buttons located on the handle that will allow you to control the camera directly such as zooming in out, picture focus, and image capture/video record. The included Bluetooth remote will control an iPhone when coupled with the "BT Shutter" application.

The pan motor can be configured on either side of the camera to provide efficient cable routing and access to either side of the cameras and phone. All motors rotate a full 360 degrees without limitation for greater range and flexibility during operation.

The SPRY Battery Foot is an optional part that includes a larger battery for longer run time and has threaded mounting incorporated in the base to allow mounting. Some creative mounting options could be a skateboard or underslung on a car, the threaded mount allow for mounting to a fixed object.

CAME-TV Spry Gimbal Stabilizer Smartphone, Small Camera, GoPro

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Brighter than using an iPhone screen, this DJI CrystalSky LCD Monitor also offers a few more advantages such as an HDMI output which can be used on a Mavic Pro or DJI Spark (which lack HDMI out). But what I like best is that I don't need to tie up my smartphone.

I'm also using an OTG (on-the-go) USB Cable directly into the remote which prevents video lag from the DJI Spark's typical Wifi connection. Some say this will also improve the range of the DJI Spark Drone.

Product Description:
The CrystalSky monitor uses optimized video decoding to decode video in real-time. Due to limitations in software access on smartphones and tablets, video decoding in other smart devices is less than ideal. When used to view photos or videos transmitted by the camera, problems can occur including video jitter, long latency and more. The CrystalSky monitor’s optimized decoder provides smooth, real-time video with minimal latency.

A newly designed system removes unnecessary Android apps and services and is resistant to viruses and junk software. This ensures that the CrystalSky monitor is able to offer optimum performance at all times. Its embedded DJI GO/DJI GO 4 app provides full access to all DJI GO/DJI GO 4 features including aircraft parameter adjustment, camera control, footage management, and playback. Using offline maps, maps can be kept available even if going out of Wi-Fi reach.

Equipped with dual Micro SD Card slots, the CrystalSky monitor’s storage can be extended, or footage recorded on a Micro SD Card can be played back directly on the monitor. It can also be used for footage backups. Using editors built in DJI GO/DJI GO 4, high-quality edits can be made quickly and instantly shared to social media.

The CrystalSky Monitor supports H.264 and H.265 video decoding, allowing it to play back these files at 30 fps and 60 fps respectively. These videos can also be output through its HDMI port. Read More About CrystalSky >>

dji crystalsky lcd monitor mavic spark drone
DJI CrystalSky 5.5" and 7.8" Monitors

C-Pan Arm and Mini C-Pan Arm Product Description
The C-pan arm is a very unique camera guide contraption that mechanically can move a camera in a variety of different paths; straight pan, outward curve, inward curve, horizontally, vertically or at a sloped angle or even forward or backward moves.

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The camera is always set to move with whatever move the arm makes. (i.e if the arm moves in an outward shaped curve, then the camera will stay directed towards the centre of the curve and if the arms are set for a smaller radius curve, then the camera adjusts accordingly to stay pointed at the centre.) Through positioning its arms at different angles to each other, the C-pan arm can be set to move in a virtually infinite number of curves.

When making a straight pan, the arm functions as a traditional straight-track dolly slider, but without the tracks, where it can pan in a range of 3 1/2 times its folded length.

Camera Slider Jib C-Pan Arm9 Solutions C-Pan Arm Camera Guide
9Solutions C-Pan Arm Camera Guides

The BLUESHAPE BUBBLEPACK 65Wh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with Charger provides several flexible rigging options for equipping your camera with a larger capacity power solution. It features a 65 Wh capacity and is intended for small to medium-sized productions. The rigging options revolve around a rail plate attached on top of the battery and a 1/4"-20 thread available on the bottom. A mini camera plate is included to be attached on the bottom of your camera, cage, or various rod clamps, and the BUBBLEPACK simply slides onto this plate via the rail plate. The 1/4"-20 thread on the bottom of the BUBBLEPACK allows you to mount the battery along with your camera or rig on a tripod, securely with up to 7 lb of load. A quick release handle on the side of the rail plate lets you slide the BUBBLEPACK off.

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The BUBBLE PACK features two standard 14.8V nominal P-Tap outputs and two proprietary B-Tap outputs offering user selectable voltages of 8.4V and 11.1V output. Depending on your camera's voltage, you can use either the standard or proprietary connectors using an appropriate cable. One B-Tap to raw port cable is included and can be configured with the connector of your choice. The unused connectors can be used to power accessories at the same time as the camera. A compact wall charger is included and provides a full charge in approximately two hours. The BUBBL EPACK features a 4 LED gauge that displays remaining battery life.

An optional BLUESHAPE V-Bracket Adapter or Belt-Mount Adapter can also be used for attaching the BUBBLEPACK to a V-mount plate or wearing it around your waist. A large selection of BLUESHAPE P-Tap adapter cables is also optionally available for connecting the BUBBLEPACK to your camera.

A large selection of BLUESHAPE P-Tap adapter cables is also optionally available for connecting the BUBBLEPACK to your camera.

blueshape battery bubblepackblue shape battery mount under camera bubble pack
blueshape v-mount battery BLUESHAPE BUBBLEPACK 65 Wh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

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Camera Motion Research is now offering Flexible Thin HDMI Cables which are often sought for when using monitors on Gimbals stabilizers. The lightweight thin cable prevents influence to the camera's stabilization, and many of their cables are available with right angle connections.

Today many people are using smaller gimbals with smaller cameras, and it could be a tight fit to get to the HDMI output. They even offer a unique Type D to Type D HDMI cable which is not common, especially with a right angle + flexible thin design. This is perfect for many accessories such as the SlingStudio CameraLink.

You can find the new Camera Motion Research Flexible Thin HDMI Right Angle Cables available (here).

Flexible Thin Type D to Type D HDMI Cable

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TIP: With a few spare parts you may already have laying around, you can put together a solid adjustable Smartphone or Tablet Holder for the DJI Mavic Pro remote or DJI Spark remote.
If you're looking for an iPad (tablet) holder, this one should work great:
Cheap phone clamps:

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I had just unboxed the new Cinevate Horizen Slider, and this is just one small feature that blew me away! The surface of the flywheel (possibly conductive) passes through a stationary magnet, creating a magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field of the stationary magnet - thus creating drag force that is proportional to its velocity! Basically the same technology you'll find in the braking system of a Super Train!

Zero contact, zero friction, zero wear! And because of this feature they were also able to reduce the weight of the flywheel as they don't need to rely on pure mass. This is by far the most innovative variable drag ever implemented on a video slider! To think this is just one of sooo many new innovative features. If you're thinking about the #Cinevate #Horizen it will not disappoint. It's even ready to accept motion control (optional add-on).

I'll be covering more features later, but this is definitely a game changing innovation as far as video sliders go and had to share this right away. More information about the Cinvevate Horizen Slider can be found (here).

Two short video samples (below) testing out the Tokina 11-20mm F/2.8 (with an old metabones speedbooster) on the Panasonic GH5 Camera.

The lens remains rectilinear (straight lines) even at the widest setting, and combined with a focal reducer you're actually faster than an F/2.8 (which is better for dim lighting). I believe if I upgrade to a more recent Metabones XL Adapter, i'll get sharper results. But it's pretty darn good as is.

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For moving the camera, i'm testing out the CAME-TV Prophet Gimbal which is designed to fly heavier camera setups. The combination of speedbooster and Canon EF type Lens may be a bit heavy for the smaller Optimus gimbal.