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The new CAME-TV Spry Gimbal has a detachable handle, and the Gimbal Head can be remounted onto an optional battery base. This allows for more creative mounting when you're not working with the Spry handheld. Possible ideas could be used as a bike mount, helmet mount, car mount, etc.

The Spry Gimbal comes with adapters for Smartphones, GoPro, and can support small cameras like the Sony RX100 series. There is a USB remote built into the handle that can control many of Sony camera protocols such as Zoom, Take a Photo, or Start / Stop video recording. Because of the focus on small cameras (but not too small), it could be the best gimbal for the new Sony RX0 camera.

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Product Description via Came-tv.com:
The CAME-TV SPRY is our innovative 4-in-1 gimbal that comes with three different heads that can be quickly interchanged to hold a smart phone, GoPro, and point-and-shoot cameras up to 1.1 lbs . When using most Sony cameras (ex: Sony RX100), there are 4 buttons located on the handle that will allow you to control the camera directly such as zooming in out, picture focus, and image capture/video record. The included Bluetooth remote will control an iPhone when coupled with the "BT Shutter" application.

The pan motor can be configured on either side of the camera to provide efficient cable routing and access to either side of the cameras and phone. All motors rotate a full 360 degrees without limitation for greater range and flexibility during operation.

The SPRY Battery Foot is an optional part that includes a larger battery for longer run time and has threaded mounting incorporated in the base to allow mounting. Some creative mounting options could be a skateboard or underslung on a car, the threaded mount allow for mounting to a fixed object.

CAME-TV Spry Gimbal Stabilizer Smartphone, Small Camera, GoPro