Canon Refurbished Discounts

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A brand new Canon 5D Mark II will still run you about $2500 dollars retail on any website. A used Canon 5D Mark II Body over on eBay will still run you over $2100 dollars and that's not knowing it's true condition. Canon right now is running some specials on their Refurbished Equipment website with a 10% off Promotional Code bringing down the Canon 5D Mark II (refurbished) bodies to $1799. Yeah that's a pretty sweet deal for a full frame body with excellent low light capabilities. Sure it's a refurb, but it's coming from Canon with a 90 Day warranty.

If you're looking to pick up used equipment, I think these official Canon refurb units are still a safer bet than going for a used version off the auction site. Aside from the 5D Mark II, there's 7D's, T2i's, 60D's, and a bunch of lenses including L series refurbished. Promotional Code is fam211 and the link is here.

16 thoughts on “Canon Refurbished Discounts

  1. Justin

    I know that the Canon Loyalty program is still running and basically you essentially trade in any old or broken camera made by canon and they knock off 20% off the refurbished camera you want to buy. If you dont have any old or broken canon cameras, just buy a cheap broken $20 off ebay.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Jordan - After the disaster in Japan I think operations might slow down for a while.

  3. Jim C

    I bought a 60D with the 18-135mm came to roughly $180 dollars less, depending on the various tax & shipping charges on sites.

  4. McG

    I talked to a rep at Canon and she said a refurb is usually an open box, a sealed box that the box is messed up or overstock that was sent back from the retailer. She also said that any product that had a problem was not sold as a refurb.

    Thanks for the code Emm, I will probably get the 60D. This is my first post but have been checking out the site for awile...great info.

  5. J Toha

    @Chris - there's additional 10% discount on the refurb so Canon 60D's final cost is close to $720. So that's $180 difference than Amazon's $900.

  6. The discount on the 5D Mark II is significant, so that's worth considering for sure. I checked it out for another 60D body and it's only $100 cheaper than a brand new one at Amazon, since Canon tacks on sales tax and shipping whereas Amazon does not. So final price would be $800 refurb vs. Amazon's $900 and for $100 extra I'd rather buy brand new.

  7. Emm

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    @Kevin - Sounds like the 7D would be the better fit with the gear you have. Still very good on high ISO if you really need it. You can always check out LightRoom 3 with its new Noise Filter. It's awesome..

  8. Kevin

    Hmmm okay, I really want to get the 5d but right now most of my lens's are EF-S, I have a 10-22, 17-85 a 50 and a 70-200 f/4 IS. I'm trying to figure out what camera to get but right now I'm leaning to the 5d because of the quality of the image and high ISO

  9. Emm

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    @Kevin - Cropped cameras like the 7D are designed for sports. Faster frames per second, and the ability to extend lenses with it's crop factor. It could serve well for Weddings too, but you'd need to compensate with a good wide angle lens.

    Even if the 5D Mark III is announced, you can bet it won't be available for a few months, it will be pretty expensive, and there will be a long long waiting list meaning harder to get your hands on it for at least 6 months after it's on sale. If you're waiting on this, expect to have it in your hands closer to the end of the year...

  10. Kevin

    Should I jump on the Canon 5d mark ii or should I wait for the rumored mark iii? I really want to upgrade from my Xsi but I don't want to buy it and find out that the mark iii is coming out. What's your thought on the 5d mark ii for weddings and sports photography?

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Kevin - You might want to give them a call, but as I understand it, wearable parts are replaced and reset back to factory.

  12. Kevin

    The refurbished cameras is the shutter replaced? or like does it already have an actuation count on the camera?

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