Canon LP-E6 OEM for Cheap?

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I've confused myself on this one. Almost 2 years ago, I purchased a whole bunch of LP-E6 aftermarket batteries that did not display the battery meter on the cameras. I still use them today, but since I was looking to add more batteries to the collection, I was searching for the newer ones that are 'chipped' to communicate to the camera and display the proper battery meter for the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, and 60D cameras. As of now the ones that people are buying are these Maxtek LP-E6 Aftermarket Batteries.

They are indeed much cheaper than the OEM Canon ones, even with the bit of shipping padded to the cost too.

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I took a chance on an eBay auction that looked to be a knock off battery, and I was confused to see an OEM package and OEM labeling. This battery looks good and looks OEM, but incredibly inexpensive with Free Shipping. In fact after Amazon shipping on the Maxtek battery, this eBay battery I received is almost $10 dollars cheaper. I'm not sure if it's Canon legit or not, but the battery looks exactly like OEM, charges with my OEM, and reads the battery information properly in all the cameras. I've taken a bunch of snaps to show you the comparison between my OEM batteries and the one I just received. The one to the right is the cheap battery I just received.

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I'm seriously thinking this is the real deal and at such a great steal of a price too. Here's the link: Canon OEM? LP-E6 battery for Canon Canon 60D, Canon 7D, & 5D Mark II.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Tango - I haven't had to buy Canon batteries in years. I am not sure which is good at this moment. I'll poke around.

  2. Tango

    Hey Em,

    I bought these batteries 2yrs ago and I am still happy with them. Thanks!

    I have twice tried to buy similar ones but they cut out without warning, even though they look very similar the ones you bought.

    Any chance you could suggest an Ebay link? Amazon won't deliver a lot of gear to Australia.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @brian - I guess they are ok, we haven't had to buy new batteries. Just been using the same ones for the past few years. Definitely the Canon OEM ones will give you a longer charge, but the aftermarket batteries are a great option when you have to burn through multiple batteries on a very long shoot. If you don't mind using an external solution check out these: httpss://

  4. I have a couple of this.
    They are two years old. Now they only charge to 75% and last much less than the original one.

    At long term, this options, counterfeit batteries, are not the option for me.

  5. Kevin

    Wish I had come across this forum a couple weeks ago, I bought a couple after market batteries for my 60D on ebay and the camera won't recognize them. Just flashes the battery icon and the camera won't work at all. So far no reply from the seller.

  6. archie

    Can anyone recommend ebay seller ( in europe _ i need some batteries in fast ) I bought a set of two , but they are charge in 15 minutes and discharge this fast

  7. Yes, I agree with Paul. I am having the same issues now with them too.
    At first I thought it was a problem with the camera overheating or humidity, but it is the batteries.

  8. Paul

    I've found a new issue with these batteries, I bought about 3 from ebay a few months ago, and recently they just stop working. I'll charge them all the way with the OEM chargers, stick them in the camera, the camera shows a good charge, when they get to about half empty, the camera just shuts off. I take them out, put them back in, nothing. These are junk for sure.

  9. Thanks for the tip. I went ahead and purchased a few of these batteries from your link in the post. Hope everything this works out. Thanks for making a site like this. As a hobbyist, your stuff posted here is the only way I can afford some of this stuff. Cheers!

  10. Paul

    Just put one of these batteries in my 7D, and it got stuck! Trying to find a way to get it out now...

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike - Thanks, I thought so. Still rockin' in the cameras as we speak with no issues.

  12. Mike

    Your new battery is a Fake. You can tell because:

    1)It has no 4 letter engraved code
    2)The label has squared off corners
    3)The area around the battery contacts is not gray plastic

    If you look very closely at the battery contacts, they are probably a silver color instead of the Canon's gold colored contacts.

  13. Robere

    I got 2 of the below seller, took 8 days to get to me in Western Australia. Batt's look almost identical to Canon orig batt. Only diff I can see is they do not have a stamped serial number on them. So far have charged and held charge for round the house use. Will report back when I get a chance to do a proper field test. When in the 60D they are recognised and logged as canon bats so the chip works.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @janman007 - Strange. You're the first about this battery. Mine is still working to this day and it's been quite some time with lots of use on it. At least you got money back, good to hear, no loss there so wouldn't actually say you got burned.

  15. janman007

    I bought the exact battery that Emm got... worked for less than a month and then DEAD. Completely dead! Canon OEM charger now flashes super fast when I plug this battery in to charge. On the bright-side the eBay seller fully refunded me and told me that I didn't have to send it back because the shipping to China is so expensive.... makes one wonder how much they really cost to make. It is a cheap knock-off, so enjoy them while they last... that is if they do last for you. I took the risk and got burned. Good Luck!

  16. Cyberskrimps

    Took awhile to get mine.(Seller shipped a 2nd one for free cause we thought the 1st one got lost(took 11-25-10/1-13-11) but showed up 3 days after he shipped the 2nd one. He said the 2nd will be a gift for me... wohoo 2 new batteries!!! The 1st one has worked perfectly. 🙂

  17. M505XL

    Just purchased a battery. The picture shows what I think is Chinese writing instead of English like in Emm's photo. $22 is a great deal if they do indeed work. Thanks!

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  19. Mel

    Hey Emm just used one of your links a week ago and my batteries came in. They're definitely knock offs since the OEM packaging box wasnt even assembled (was still flat and unfolded to save space sending it in a bubble wrap envelope. They work perfectly fine though, reads shutter count on battery meter as well. only difference I can see is the back it doesnt have the canon stamp on it thats silver (in your middle pic)

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Math - which battery did you buy and from what seller? When you say doesn't work 'at all' does the battery not hold a charge? Does the camera not power on? Or does it power on but can't communicate with the battery?

  21. Emm

    Post author

    Those Maxtek batteries should indeed work on the 60D. If you aren't getting the battery meter, contact that seller and have him take it back. There is no difference in the batteries for 5DMark II, 7D, or 60D. If they claim it should work, it should work. These other batteries I have claimed to work also, and YES IT DOES WORK on all my cameras 5DM2, 7D, and 60D. They are all the same batteries and should have no difference swapping them between cameras. Contact that Maxtek seller and tell them there is a problem with the batteries.

    If you have a problem with them, let me know and i'll post an update about their batteries not being compatible. From others, i've heard the batteries work and you appear to have either ordered the wrong one, or they sent you an incorrect battery that does not read the battery chip correctly.

  22. Mark

    Do these work with the 60D? The maxtek batteries I purchased don't work with the 60D, so I don't want to go out and buy more batteries only to find they don't work correctly.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    Yes just checked. The camera can read the battery and shutter count. Can read performance too. It's an awesome battery so far.

  24. Hey Emm,
    I posted a few days ago and replied to your tweet, did you ever try registering this battery with the Battery information screen on the 7D or 5D? I bought a few "Decoded" batteries and realized this was the only difference between them and the official Canon products. The Decoded batteries weren't able to be registered to track battery info in the Menu. I guess it has everything to do with the chips Canon puts in them.

    -Michael Angelo

  25. I bought a bunch of the LP-E6’s a while back, they look just like the ones you purchased (show battery info and everything). So far, they've been just as good as my actual Canon battery... hell, I've forgotten which ones are my real Canon batteries! They only cost me somewhere around $20 after shipping.

  26. Mike

    Hey emm, do u kno any good aftermarket battery grip gor 7d? Itll b great combine it with these batteries, great post!

  27. Neil

    Hey everyone, in case the other links all sell out again...

    I came across this seller and he even has a sale on some items! A very good price if you ask me. He's in the U.S., has an excellent feedback rating and in the description he says the batteries are decoded. 2 batteries, a charger and shipping to Canada was $48. He has a sale on for the next few days so get in there quick.

  28. Duff

    Thanks Emm and Pascal. I should have a Maxtek on the way today, and will order more of these OEM/non-OEM batteries soon.

  29. @ Duff : 6 batteries will let you work an entire day. With a battery grip, you can also take 6 eneloops with you and use those as the equivalent of 2 batteries, just in case.

  30. Bruno O.

    Thanks a lot for the tips Emm and Jeff!

    10 hours ago I went to Jeff's seller and he had more than 10 batteries, now I bought the last one (and I wanted 2 pieces)!

  31. Duff

    I'm curious how many batteries would you run through during a video shoot on a typical gig, say 8-10 hours?

  32. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt - The one on far right is the eBay battery. The other two came from my other cameras either 5D Mark II, 7D, or Canon 60D. A number of years is a long time for a battery. At this price it's almost as cheap as renting extra batteries for a weekend. LOL.

  33. spaceflows

    Thanks Emm, and Jeff (used your link to nab two for my 60D). Now we just need a nicely discounted battery grip for the 60D and it's power to the people!

  34. Something I notice about two of your batteries (including the Ebay battery) is that it doesn't have the UL approval logo on it, it has the European CE logo. In all the batteries I've had over the years only 1 Canon battery has had the CE label on it and that is the only battery so far that has failed on me. Granted, it took a number of years of use, but it no longer holds much of a charge (while other, similarly aged / used batteries with the UL logo still work fine). I'm actually not even sure how I ended up with that battery...I think it came with a used camera I bought.

    I don't know if this means anything, just something I noticed about one of my batteries and noticed about yours as well.

  35. Emm

    Post author

    Yeah as far as I know, there isn't an LP-E8 that doesn't display battery info. Only the LP-E6's.

  36. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - True. I've been very very happy with my aftermarket ones that don't show battery life. It's lasted me almost two years now. Whether this one is legit, i'm not sure, but it shows the battery life and it works. I'm hoping i'll get the same life out of them.

  37. Kenswift

    Thanks Jeff. Emms link was sold out. (He is like the Oprah of the Camera world) but I used your link to pick up 2 Batteries for my 60D. Muchas Gracias


    Don't underestimate the extent to which counterfeit product makers will go.

    Considering Canon's resources ($$$) , I doubt they would let something like this happen...for long.

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