Canon ‘Instant’ DSLR Rebates


I saw this a few times today, but was reminded again by Kevin about the new Canon Instant Rebates. There's plenty of rebates for Canon gear, but the ones to be excited about are the DSLR bodies. The 7D kit, 7D Body, and T2i are on the list. No mention about the 5D Mark II. You can find more information here: Canon Instant Rebates

7 thoughts on “Canon ‘Instant’ DSLR Rebates

  1. Dan

    Yeah they increased the prices and now are offering a rebate. I just bought a 7D and it was over $100 cheaper earlier this week than they are offering it now.

  2. Eric

    nevermind, they updated it. you need to buy the camera AND a PIXMA Pro9000 printer to get $400 back in a prepaid credit card.

  3. Yps

    If I remember, the Canon 7d body cost 1499$ last week on Bh.
    Now it costs 1699$ - 100$ rebates 🙂

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