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Here's the background story. During the Winter Olympics, Canon released some limited edition Lens Replica Coffee Mugs to the press. The world went nuts, but these were limited edition items. These lens replicas sold for hundreds of dollars at auction. Rumor is that Canon had these made by a factory over seas (China?), and since there was such a demand, the company began producing more of these and in different varieties.

Not sure how long some of you have been reading this blog, but i'm an enthusiast of the most random DSLR Collectibles. I've collected a few of those fairly accurate Lens replica Coffee Mugs, and now another nice one is on available in the 100mm F/2.8L Macro IS version. These look dead on like the real things, and some available with stainless steel inserts for managing hot beverages. Some versions actually have a 'zoom' feature - turn the zoom ring and the lens cup adjusts.

watch image above for animated zoom action

These are by far the best 'Gift Ideas' for friends and family (maybe yourself) who enjoy all things DSLR. It's an inexpensive idea, but something that won't ever be thrown away. Most of these can now be had for less than $10 US dollars. If you're interested, go for the latest models often advertised as 'latest generation', and opt in for the Stainless Steel inserts too. Available in a variety of Lens models from 24-70mm, 24-105mm, 70-200mm, and now 100mm Macro IS and also a variety of popular Nikon lenses too (click here).

Canon 100mm Macro IS Coffee Mug
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4 thoughts on “Canon 100mm Macro IS – Coffee Mug Replica

  1. Dalia

    Hi, I'm trying to find one of those of 105 mm replica mug in ebay and amazon, but all of they say 'Caniam' instead of 'Canon'. Do you know where I can find one that says 'Canon'? Thank you.

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  3. Paul

    I actually just ordred one of these... nifty little cups. You can use them or just set them on the shelf for looks, and they're really cheap.

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