CAME-TV GoPro 3 Axis Gimbal with Encoders

CAME-TV today has listed another new gimbal on their website today. At first glance it looks like many GoPro HandHeld Gimbals on the market today, but this version is far more advanced. This new gimbal features 'Encoder' technology much like what is found in the high end FreeFly MOVI, DJI Ronin, or in the popular CAME-SINGLE gimbals.


When Encoders are used, gimbals are several times more stable, motors are tracked more accurately, and battery life is several times more efficient. On this GoPro gimbal, you might expect to get up to 6 hours of battery life between charges.

came-gimbal gopro 3 axis

Many small GoPro gimbals run their own software which means you can't modify or tune the settings. I'm not sure if 'tweaking' will be encouraged by CAME-TV, but this new Gopro gimbal operates on the latest 32 bit SBGC. So someone like me can easily customize profiles, service modes, etc.

The new 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal with Encoders is available now over at the CAME-TV website.

came-tv action came-action gimbal encoders
VIEW-ITEM CAME-TV GoPro 3-Axis Gimbal with Encoders

57 thoughts on “CAME-TV GoPro 3 Axis Gimbal with Encoders

  1. Julio de la portilla

    I have been useing the gimbal without any problems for the last couple of weeks but today after turning it on it started to Shake.., i changed the batteries but that doesnt change anything. Iam travelling in india right now and iam missing a lot of good shots because of that. Do you know how can i fix the problem ??? Thanks !

  2. Joe L

    Hi Emm,

    I understand that you would recommend handheld gimbals with encoders, but according to my observation of YouTube videos out there, I would prefer Zhiyun Z1-Evolution's stability over Came-Action. Somehow it outperforms the newer model even if Z1 doesn't have encoders (imho). The following video stunningly surprised my expectations, since the author put his Z1 into a more challenging environment (while running), unlike your video - since you used CAME-Action in a significantly less challenging quest and it didn't perform any better than Z1 here: httpss://

    Could you please give me your comment on that?


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Lugi - The Action has 'encoders' which is a big deal for stability and efficiency. I have not used the G4s, and the Z1 has a new version out I believe which I have not used.

  4. Justin C

    Hey Emm,

    Wanted to follow up. It turns out my Gyro somehow was not calibrated anymore. After calibrating the gyroscope and making sure the PID variables were all the same it works all most perfect.

    I am still having the same issue as before however. The gimbal seems to always want to dip the left side down on the GoPro making everything un-level. I keep trying to recalibrate it with the profile 4 and 5, but the problem keeps happening. Are my expectations for the gimbal to remain level to high?

  5. Lugi

    Hi emm,

    Just subscribe to your YouTube channel

    Your video about this product got me hard time to choose

    From your personal experience, which one do you prefer between Zhiyun Z1 evolution, Feiyu g4s or Came Action? I really need your suggestions

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Antony - They are pretty standard batteries you can buy online. The after sales support should be fine. They are responsive over both social networking and email, and for USA customers have USA support too. The gimbal is very straight forward, just install your GoPro and turn it on. Check out youtube for other reviews too. Lots of other people are using this product.

  7. Antony

    hi Emm

    actually im looking for gimbal either buy dji osmo or go pro with gimbal, but for flexibility i go prefer buy a go pro with a gimbal, but i still confuse and can't decide bettween feiyu g4 WG or G4s, an then i see this article, so i have a few question in my mind:

    1. how about their after sales service? if my gimbal had a problem

    2. how is the battery life? do they have spare battery sell?

    3. is it newbie friendly to use it?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Justin C - Did you change the settings for every single profile? If not, you can copy the profile settings from another default profile like Profile 2 or 3. The only difference in profiles are found in the 'follow tab'. Profile 1 follows both pan and tilt, profile 2 only pan, and profile 3 does not follow anything. Just copy the PID settings (only the PID settings if that's what you changed) from the other profiles and you should be good. Do this manually. Don't 'save the profile' and the 'load the profile'. Look at the numbers, write it down, and then type in the PID settings and click save (or write).

  9. Justin C

    Hey Emm. I just received the gimbal last week because of your recommendations. I am loving it so far, but I was having a calibration issue. I went into the software to add profile 4 and 5. Unfortunately I got confused for a moment and made a mistake. I hit "auto" under PID. Now my gimbal drags and seems to get off balance. Do you happen to know where I can find the default PID values for Profile 1 for the Action Gimbal? I have looked everywhere on came-tv's website.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @John H - The only time mine will lose it's position is if the batteries are weak. Make sure the batteries are fully charged up, especially if you're planning to add extra weight to your Gopro.

  11. John H

    Hey Emm,
    I have this gimbal but am having issues with it drifting or losing horizon only after a few minutes. Even after I adjust the horizon by hand it will lose horizon again after a few minutes of use while moving or walking around. Have you experienced this?

  12. replied and say they will send me a replacement for the broken screw and they explained there are only 3 batteries. My next challenge is to get the gimbal to turn on. I can't get it to power up. I'll keep you posted.

  13. adic


    I emailed them at [email protected]

    I sold both my cameras so i might but something 9n it to see if the weird behavior goes away. If not I'll post a vid online somewhere to show you what i mean

  14. TomN

    Yeah I left that alone since the profile should set that for me. Looking forward to seeing what you think of yours.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @TomN - So I see they sent a video. Question, did you change the 'encoder type' as per video? Honestly I think that part of the video should be skipped. The profile they sent should have information about which encoder they use, so you don't need to change (like in the video). I think mine is in later today or tomorrow, i'll see what mine is like.

  16. TomN

    Thanks, I left auto PID alone, I do auto for motors then set poles back to 14 which works then encoders which is where it goes haywire.

    I was sent the profiles (3 of them) from came TV after sales support attached to an email.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @TomN - I don't recommend using Auto PID tuning. Auto for motors is correct, and this should be done before messing with the encoders. This is to determine if any motors require the invert option. Once you run this, you need to set the number of poles back to what they are supposed to be. I wasn't aware that there was a profile for the GoPro Gimbal as I have not received mine yet. Are you sure they sent you the correct profile? What's the link they sent?

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Rodney - I believe the photo showing 4 batteries is incorrect. They asked me to change the one on my website too as it only comes with three.

  19. I got mine and it arrived with bent screws for holding the GoPro, then one broke trying to straighten it. Then I realized they only send 3 batteries even though they show 4 in the photo. I've got it charged but it won't turn on. The GoPro will stay on with one screw but it's not perfect. I wrote them and waiting to hear back. I'm hopeful they will help me to make it function properly...

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Tom N - I'm confused. If you got a profile from CAME-TV or followed a video I made for CAME-SINGLE, why would you use the Auto calibrate button? Neither tutorials suggest that. Why not just follow it exactly?

  21. TomN

    I got the profile from came-tv and followed your resetting video for the came single, I'm able to get it somewhat stabilized with the auto motor button but as soon as I calibrate the encoders the gimbal just flips out.

    It makes me think theres something wrong with them.
    Also the motors are getting really hot and the batteries drain in less then an hour.

    Mine was also beeping in the box, it seems they are shipping some of them powered up!

  22. Joel

    So I just received my gimbal yesterday, and its been going crazy since first start up. Bounces all over the place. The unit was powered on in the shipping box, and beeping before unwrapping. Do I need to send it back? Restore settings on a computer?

  23. TomN

    Thanks! your article got me to purchase one, Just got my came-tv gopro 3 and put my gopro on it and its flipping out all over the place. Do you think I need to email cametv for a profile (there isn't one on the product page) and load it or can I read it off of the board.

    I'm using SBGC v2.55 b7 which is the firmware on the board.

    Also one of the gold screws that hold the gppro was severely bent but I was able to straighten it back enough to screw back in.


  24. Dustin

    Any idea If this works with the gopro monitor? I had a feiyu tech G3, which I thought was great. Then I upgraded to the BeStable SteadiGim3 EVO. It was way smoother, had a gopro charging cable and accepted the camera with a monitor attached. Unfortunately somebody stole it while I was on a shoot last week. I'm just looking at all the new options out there before I buy another one.

  25. Hey Emm,

    Looks like a great unit. I wonder if there's going to be a possibility in future to add a smartphone mount (size wise = iPhone 6+), but due to its size specs it doesn't seem that way.

    Also, are you going to do a Video review of this unit? A side-by side comparison to some of the other GoPro gimbals you already have would be highly appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to put up material like this 🙂

  26. That's a super explanation, Emm! Now that makes so much more sense. Really appreciate it and will certainly look forward to your tests. As always, so many thanks!

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Food Biker - Without encoders brushless motors can 'skip steps' when they forced to move too quickly (sudden jerky movement), and the software doesn't know exactly where it's at. With encoders it tracks the position of the motors perfectly. So even sudden jerky movement that rotates the motor very quickly can recover back to it's original home position. I'll do some tests side by side, and we'll see what I can come up with.

  28. Thanks, Emm! Really good to know and would certainly look forward to a side by side test.

    What's the scoop per drifting per heavy use? What can/should we look out for? Largely, we'll be setting these up on our vehicles and letting the Hero 4 film for a few hours at a shot.

    Again, we specifically went for the Z1-Rider due to the detachability and the highest torque per your recommendations. It would be neat to see if you find something comparable with those two priorities, plus an encoder. We'll hold off on another Z1-Rider purchase for now as maybe an encoder version is right around the corner?

    As always, Emm - Thanks for keeping us ahead of the curve with production equipment!

  29. Emm

    Post author

    @Food Biker - Encoders are found in the high end FreeFly MOVI, and in the DJI Ronin. Also now in the CAMETV CAME-SINGLE Gimbal. It's been around for a while, but it could not be used with SBGC controlled gimbals until recently. Now you'll start to see a lot of SBGC powered gimbals with encoders. Extended battery life is one benefit you'll notice right away, another is less drifting during heavy use. If I can get my hands on this gimbal, i'll see what I can do to run a side by side test.

  30. Hey Emm!

    Per your recommendations, we got our hands on the Z1 Rider earlier this year, as we need the separate cable for auto/moto shoots and the increased torque in high winds.

    Curious to hear if we're missing anything with the lack of an encoder, as we have nothing to compare it to per stability. Any thoughts? If you have time, any chance you'll be able to do a quick A/B demo of an encoder/no-encoder with these small units for the GoPros? Thanks!

  31. Ron

    Just a follow up… They had not seen the order and thought I was talking about the other unit Came TV single.
    They realized that they had missed the order and is getting it out now. So no delay… No October

  32. Ron

    I ordered one yesterday… I was informed today that shipping will not be until October. I've requested a more accurate Date. Shows that they are in stock but I think it is the stock that will be available sometime in October.

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan K - The little gopro remote works great to stary and stop video. Comes with some models, but can be purchased seperately.

  34. Dan K

    Emm, yes the RF GoPro remote viewing/control is horribly slow with terrible lag. Totally frustrating if you want to monitor video in real time. Still handy for remote start/stop and very rapid reconfigure of the GoPro. It's way better to set the "invert" mode or change frame rates or other GoPro parameters using the RF phone app than trying to use the camera menu.

    And if the camera is overhead or down low, or sticking out the window, even there's a lag, at least you can frame the shot and have an idea what the camera is seeing.

    I too would love to see a real-time monitor option.

    How about an thin, flexible HDMI cable to a SmallHD or other compact monitor? Still need a way to start/stop the GoPro though.

  35. Emm

    Post author

    @The Original iMac - Yes, I showed one recently: httpss://

  36. The Original iMac

    hi Emm, since you're all over this gimbal stuff I thought I'd ask...

    Do you know if a handheld gimbal that can do both smartphones and GoPro? Obviously not at once, but I like the idea of converting it to suit either depending on which camera I choose.

    Any thoughts?

  37. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan K. - Awesome. As far as the charging cable goes, I think the CAME-TV GoPro gimbal offers the same too. That monitor clip is pretty cool too, thanks. The only thing I don't like about monitoring with a phone, is that it lags a bit and doesn't support live view of many high framerates. Wish there was a good lightweight 3" monitor solution somewhere.

  38. Dan K.

    Of course I already bought a Feiyu Tech G4QD and accessories! But it does work very well, even without the encoders. I have to say, the encoders on the CAME Single do wonders and extend battery life like crazy.

    One of the nice things about the Feiyu Tech is the ability to power the GoPro using the gimbal's batteries via a small custom cable that plugs into a small port on the gimbal head, reaches around the camera and plugs into the USB port on the camera.

    If you want to hold a phone and monitor/start/stop the camera with one hand, get this cool clip:

    CAME makes good stuff.

  39. Emm

    Post author

    @adic - Exactly what email are you attempting to contact them at? Maybe check your SPAM inbox in case your email has filtered their replies.

    Anyways, you can't just boot up a gimbal without a camera on it. It doesn't work that way. Put a camera back on there, balance it, and then try it again.

  40. adic

    @Emm it just wont balance anymore. it'll get close to it and then make a weird humming/buzzing noise and go all out of control

    i dont know if its because i dont have a camera on it anymore(sold it) or what.

    and CAME just wont answer me. they usually do but for this issue they ignore my emails. contacted them more than once

    Thanks for the responce

  41. Emm

    Post author

    @Petter sand - With the right clamp you can attach a monitor to anything. And for this gimbal a cable does exist that can power the GoPro from the gimbal. I don't know if it's included or optional (although I see it in their product photos). I will get one for a review soon, stay tuned.

  42. hi Emm!
    I have a concern regarding this gimbal. Is IT possible to attach a monitor Do you think?
    In that case of a none magic arm attachment i am not so sure IF i am interested. And Do you think IT powers the gopro in some Way?

    Best regards

  43. Emm

    Post author

    @adic - No number that I know of, but you can send them an email they are pretty quick to respond during the weekdays. What exactly is the problem?

  44. adic

    Hey Emm, I've been trying to get in contact with CAME for some time concerning warranty. I have a 7800 and its acting up all of a sudden. Any way to contact them by phone in the US? Not the number they have on their site but one I can call from the states.


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