CAME-TV Boltzen LED 30w 55w 60w 100w 150w Fresnel Lighting

Just before I start to get more in-depth with the new CAME-TV Boltzen LED Lights that were featured at the NABShow 2017, I thought i'd start by showing how their lineup is being laid out. CAME-TV has really laid out a lot of options depending on what your lighting needs are. At this time they've sectioned out their Boltzen LED Lights into Small, Medium, and Large.

The smaller form factor Boltzen LED lights are targeted to shooters who want something portable and battery powered to be used on locations. They can be powered by 3 different options from Sony L Series, V-Mount, and AC wall power. With the lens attached you can adjust Spot and Flood, or remove the lens broader coverage, and even attach an optional Bowens Mount adapter to use off-the-shelf third party modifiers (i.e. Snoots, softboxes, beauty dishes). The 30w version is completely silent, but by adding a fan in the exact same form factor they were able to offer a 55w version. The 302/55w Lights come standard with barndoors, and if you want fast modifying they just dropped the new Magnetic Snap Kit.

30w 55w boltzen led came-tv fresnel
Learn-More-sm 30w 55w Small Boltzen LED Fresnel Lights

The medium size Boltzen lights are currently available in a 60w (fan-less) version and a 100w version (with fan). These offer similar features to the smaller Boltzen lights as it's possible to power them off v-mount batteries (with optional adapter cable), include barn doors, can be modified to use Bowen mount accessories, and includes a fresnel lens with Spot and Flood adjustments.

came-tv boltzen 60w led fresnel medium size
Learn-More-sm 60w 100w Medium Boltzen LED Fresnel Lights

The Large form factor Boltzens again offer similar features as the medium sized, and are available in 100w (fan-less) and 150w (with fan). At this size they start to include features like DMX control, and area also available in color temp adjustable models (bi-color).

came-tv boltzen 150w led fresnel
Learn-More-sm 100w 150w Large Boltzen LED Fresnel Lights

My next video will show the output between the different models, so stay tuned for this. Visit their website for more information about CAME-TV Boltzen LED Lighting (here)

14 thoughts on “CAME-TV Boltzen LED 30w 55w 60w 100w 150w Fresnel Lighting

  1. Viktoria

    Great video for explaining the different models. What is the throw distance? I need at least 100' to light a subject on stage. Even 150' would be better.

    Can you please provide some info.


  2. Post author

    @David - Ah, yeah I would follow up with them. Maybe it's a bad dongle? They are usually pretty responsive to support questions.

  3. David

    @Cheesycam - yes I have. The problem I have is the second light will blink on and off. I can control the first light with no problems but the second light gets a mind of its own and starts blinking every few seconds. I can switch the wifi controllers between the lights, reconnect and the behavior continues. So in other words controller one will work as expected, but controller two which (will respond to the app) will blink on an off during operation.

  4. David

    Love these lights (have the 55watt version) but the wifi controllers on them are "iffy". I can't get it setup to control two lights at the same time. My application for these is weddings so its kinda a big deal.

  5. Post author

    @Joel - You'll get better results using a Sony battery on the 30w vs the 55w because of power to draw ratio. But with either lights, I like using V-Mount batteries and D-tap. You'll get max output and not have to worry about swapping batteries for over 3 straight hours.

  6. corky miller

    Please turn on a light near you and allow us to hear how quiet the fan is via your lab mic- a few feet away. And also, what is the wattage equivalent output of them?
    Thank you

  7. Joel

    Hey Em,

    I'm wondering if you've had better experience with NPF batteries on the 30w vs the 55w. From what I understand you can't really get to 100% output on the 55w with NPF batteries for long - is this different on the 30w version? Also any hot tips for suitable batteries for the 30w would be much appreciated... still need to be 7.4v or above like with 55w version? HUGE thanks for any info 🙂

  8. Ivar

    Awesome! Thank you, and so looking forward to your thoughts on these when you've tried them out.

  9. Thanks, nice that they have options...Are the fans variable speed, and if so, do they turn off when you turn down the light (so running the 150w at 100w, theoretically it should run without a fan. But, of course, the heat sinks are likely different sizes/shapes to make room/use of the fans so I'm guessing no, the fans are on all the time.)

    Also in your followup video--I'd love to see you run the units for an hour and get temperature readings with an IR thermometer. Good to know whether you'd need some gloves to handle the units when hot, and whether you need to leave them plugged in after use to let them cool off before packing back in a bag.

  10. Photobob

    I'd love to see a comparison of the Boltzen 150w vs the Aputure 120d.
    Actual light output.
    Light quality (Built in focusing of Boltzen vs fresnel attachment on Aputure).
    Color fidelity.
    Fan noise.
    Any other observations.

    Thank you for all your hard work

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