BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera on (Unbalanced) 3 Axis Stabilizer Gimbal

A few weeks ago, I had a comment-chat if a BMCC can fly on a CAME 5000 gimbal. So four of us guys spent over half an hour trying to stuff the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera into this CAME 5000 Gimbal, but clearly it was not meant to work. The BMCC is just too wide from the center mount, and to compensate we tried adding a quick release plate sideways. After failing, we decided to give it a run with an unbalanced setup. Here are the results.

Surprisingly the horizon stayed just about perfectly level the entire time, but you can see how it struggled with the panning stabilization. Of course if I really wanted to, I can add post stabilization to the footage and it may not be so noticeable. Had I disabled the pan stabilization, I think this would have been a perfectly acceptable run. On lighter camera setups like the GH3, the results have been very good, but I can't suggest the CAME 5000 3 Axis Gimbal with anything more than an average DSLR.

6 thoughts on “BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera on (Unbalanced) 3 Axis Stabilizer Gimbal

  1. Yeah, as cool as this demo is, I was way too distracted by the motorized(?) board you were riding on. Can I assume it was a custom build, or is that something you can pick up somewhere? Sorry to distract from the point.

  2. Cool ride Emm! I am still on the fence regarding all these new gimbal stabilizers, probably another six months will check the market again.

    btw thanks for the heads up on the Rode VMP registration/extended warranty thingy - just made it in time.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Scott - Yeah that might work, but i'm not sure about the height. In order to get one of the Axis balanced, the camera has to raised or lowered. The BMCC was fairly tall so it was difficult to set the correct height for balance.

  4. Em - Do you think a Canon C100 would fly? I'm hoping to get the auto focus update when it comes available and pair it with a system like this for some quick and easy tracking shots. Stripped down the C100 is not much bigger than my 5D so I'm curious what your thoughts are. Thanks!

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