Awesome DIY Motorized Varavon Slider

Earlier this week, Andy sent over a few videos about his DIY Motorized Video Slider that can be controlled through an Intervalometer (time lapse remote). Through this remote, he was able to control speed and also delay movements of the slider. The most exciting part of this build is the basic parts used, and the simplicity of the design.

The Servo setup is pretty straight forward. Battery + speed controller + servo motor. The Timelapse remote (intervalometer) was then integrated with a small board to interrupt the circuit, and with it's extensive settings acts as a smart controller. You can get more details and a list of parts from Andy's YouTube Video (Click Here) [Thanks Andy].

You can check out the inexpensive prices of the basic parts used on this build via eBay (below).



Battery Pack

Small stripboard:

A 2.5mm jack-plug socket:

And some male/female plugs for the servo/controller to plug into.

14 thoughts on “Awesome DIY Motorized Varavon Slider

  1. Ryan

    For those of you that were struggling with the servo going nuts when you released the trigger on the intervalometer, I had the same problem and found a work-around. What appeared to be the problem was that if the servo wasn't receiving a pulse from the controller, it would go haywire. In essence, the plan to just cut the signal wire (in an attempt to avoid the power from traveling through the intervalometer) does not work. What will work is a little electronic device called a relay. A relay works like a switch controlled by an electrical current. It allows a small current/voltage to switch on a much higher current/voltage circuit, thus protecting your intervalometer from damaging high amps running through it. (here is an educational link about electronic switches/relays You can set up your circuit however you'd like but I set mine up like this BATT---CONTROLLER---RELAY (controlled by intervalometer)---SERVO. The link will help you hook up the relay to your intervalometer and servo. Hope this helps. Here is a link to radioshack relay (

  2. frankiegirl51

    Can anyone explain how to get the connect the intervalometer and breakboard to work? Or just explain how to set up the "electronics" part of it. BTW the jack should be a stereo jack. email if you could please!!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @urs - Varavon now offers a motorroid kit that will work with almost any slider. httpss://

  4. urs

    @Troy and ugotshotbyme: sorry, i haven't solved the problem yet with the servo being always on. What kind of servo do you us? I have got a HiTec HSR-1425CR, but as you know, it isn't working.
    Would be really great, if anyone knows how to solve that problem, thanks!
    cheers, urs

  5. franie31

    What did you use to house the motor and battery pack? Looks like a electrical box...any other tips would be helpful. Thanks.

  6. franie31

    How did you set up the wiring to the stripboard? You didn't explain that process. Using a bare board...some of us don't do soddering lol.. Did you have to sodder new wires to the board..matching white to white, black to
    But why can't you just connect those wires directly? Would be nice if you could brake it all down. Some of the items can not be sent to USA. UK doesn't want to send some items.

  7. ugotshotbyme

    Anyone solved the problem with the servo being always on? I've tried switching the wires around but still same thing. When I set the servo tester to slow and connect the intervalometer, the servo moves fast but when i activate the intervalometer it goes slow then goes back fast again. Please help me if you found the remedy to this issue. thanks.

  8. urs

    hi! Great motorized slider! I tried it without any stripboard. I just broke the signal wire of the servo motor and soldered a 2.5mm mono socket in between. But it doesn't work. If i connect the intervalometer, the motor starts immediately to turn (without giving an impulse/sign of the intervalometer). Is the stripboard really necessary? Or how did you solder the signal wires on the mono socket? Thank you!

  9. This is great! I might try this. I just wish he showed how the rubber band is attached to the sliding head, and how to make the connections on the stripboard for those of us who don't know and have never worked with that.

  10. Evan

    Weelian, nice!

    So if I ordered that servo, the controller, and the battery park. What would I use to connect to the platform on the slider?

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