Aputure V-Remote Start Stop Video

For most Canon DSLRs on the market, you can use an infrared remote to start and stop video. There's been plenty of DIY remotes that attach to the handle of a shoulder rig, but if you're too lazy to tackle the project, Aputure now offers an inexpensive V-Remote. Switronix also offers a remote like this, but their price runs over $119 dollars (seen here).

To use the new Aputure V-Remote simply attach to the handle of your rig and flex the cable towards the infrared receiver (on front of camera). Pretty simple. You can find the new Aputure V-Remotes on eBay for a bit over $20 bucks (Click Here).

V-Remote-AputureAputure V-Remote
find-price-button Aputure V-Remote Infrared Canon Start Stop Video Remote

16 thoughts on “Aputure V-Remote Start Stop Video

  1. Steve

    Does anyone know if this will work with the Nikon D800? If you are using it please let me know so I can purchase this for myself.


  2. johan hoitink

    Are there any wired remotes as compact as this aputure v-remote for cameras without infra red, like my lumix g6 ?
    Aputure mailed me back saying they have no plans for making a wired version. (?!)

  3. mark fraunhofer

    does it have half press functionality? I use that with ML to get focus zoom, have been using wired shutter release with half press but this one looks cooler and no worrying about the wire pulling.

  4. john

    Just a heads up, its on sale for only $14 shipped.
    Not sure if its a permanent drop or just temporary, I went ahead and bought 2. (Easier to just leave on my on rig's handle and one on my tripod handle).

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Stephen Webb - It's infrared so limitations will be how bright it is outdoors and line of site. Indoors it will probably work across the room, but you can already buy any Canon infrared remote to do this.

  6. Stephen Webb

    specs say

    Size: 33 x 29 x 8.5mm
    Power Supply: CR1632
    Range: >5m

    Can it be 5m from the camera and still work across a room?

  7. john

    If only they made this several years back when the 5dmk2 was popular.
    Now, i'd want one for my panasonic gh2 or my sony nex 5n (yes you can start/stop video with a remote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8swEaUR3mM)

    I wish someone with arduino knowledge could package a board and program it so it works with ALL camera (nice kickstarter idea anyone?).
    IR codes for ALL camera has been compiled online so it shouldn't be that difficult for programming.

  8. imgpro615

    Definitely digging this!!...I tried the DIY mods and my lack of skill prevailed...saw some other solutions for prohibitively higher...i will probably get two...then stahp reading this blog while my savings recharges...

    Thanks for helping the have nots [me especially] to look like the big boys!!

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