Another Price Drop New Canon 5D Mark II Full Frame

There's been a huge amount of new cameras announced all due to Photokina 2012 this month, but that doesn't mean the Canon 5D Mark II is an outdated camera. Prices are dropping on this Full Frame camera, and that could mean Canon is trying to stay in the game, or that they could be announcing another new Full Frame camera soon.

We'll just have to wait and see, but for guys who could use a backup or another camera to their already 5DM2 workflow, check out the discount pricing now over at B&H (Click Here).

Canon 5D Mark II Full Frame
find-price-button New Canon 5D Mark II (Body) Price Drop

5 thoughts on “Another Price Drop New Canon 5D Mark II Full Frame

  1. getem

    They need to bring it down to $1500 if they want to compete, No one is going to buy the Mark III either at $3000+ when there are other cameras coming that can do more....

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