96 LED Video Lights + Flash

Z96 ZFlash LED

Well, it appears that the 'Z96 Upgrade' LED video light might not be an actual upgrade. It's just another variation of the product. It also seems that the Z96 form factor is such a popular light, there's even another version that doubles as an external flash called Z-Flash. The flash feature is something Litepanels tried with their MicroPro Hybrid. You can also see Canon implementing continuous LED lighting in the new Canon Speedlite 320EX Flash.

Z96 Zflash

This new variation of the Z96 looks almost the same, functions the same, but has a new sync port that connects to the PC terminal on your camera to fire as an external flash. Who knows how much actual light output it can throw during flash mode, but for a higher price you can find more details following the link (click here).

Z96 Flash ZFlash LED video Light
find-price-button Z96 Like LED Video Light with Flash Feature

9 thoughts on “96 LED Video Lights + Flash

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @blackroom - Coming off of a wall, you could power it from a single adapter. Just have to make sure it's rated for the right amps and voltage.

  2. blackroom

    thanks Emm,
    what about powering from outlets, would u run 4 wall adapters? or some combination like the battery option?

  3. Mickey Jones

    Anyone notice that the guy selling the W96 changed his price from 40.50 plus shipping to 120 plus shipping? 3X price increase?

    This seems to be the same guy that charges more than double for two lights purchased at the same time. LOL good luck with that.

  4. Mickey Jones

    The relevant question is whether these newer versions have the same quality of LEDs. The Z96 seems to do better than other lights with a higher number of inferior LEDs.

  5. I think the "UPGRADE" is just the LED battery meter on the back. also I don't like the battery compartment for AA's on the W96, its spring contact while the older Z96 was just flat metal battery contacts, less worry about spring bent and pull damage.

  6. Not something I want to try on the sync pc port.
    these cheap over heating circuitry on these lights will fry your camera. I think the light works perfectly for still photos as is, So no need to flash when you can control the light power intensity.

    plus no e-ttl...#Eh.

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