Zoom H2n (Quick) Review

A very (very very) quick paced review on Zoom's latest H2n portable audio recorder from YouTube member CineastaProductions. If you can keep up, you'll learn about all the trimmings the new Zoom H2n has to offer and a sound test in the end. It's definitely built to be in the middle of the top H4n and budget H1 recorders, but if you already own both you might not need the H2n. [Thanks Jeff]

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7 thoughts on “Zoom H2n (Quick) Review

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Logan - I think for the features, the Zoom H4n is still the recorder to get. You can find some on sale or refurbished for a good price.

  2. First I want to say hi, I love this website, Cheesycam.com is the first place I go to check on the latest gadgets for my DLSR.

    This is my first comment on the site and the reason is that Im interested in how this works with a DSLR... I know there is a DSLR kit at


    But is this practical?

    I was thinking of a Rode video mic and a lapel mic for my DLSR. Can I use this with a wireless lapel set up? From what I've seen the sound quality is just so much fuller then a lapel mic. I'm also thinking you could use this as boom mic as well. Any videos or advise for using the Zoom H2n with a DSLR would be awesome!
    Thx CheesyCam keep up the AMAZING work!!!


  3. imgpro615

    i love the pace of this video...and the product is pretty damn awesome...will probably upgrade from my Alesis palmtrack

  4. JB

    Hi ,

    just received my h2n and loving what I have seen. I want to use it for recording interviews between myself and one or two others as a handheld mic. What settings do you think are best for this ? if I use just the front or rear mic its a more rounded bass sound but all mics gives me a better chance to hear both parties ? also there are auto gain settings but doesnt seem to be one for interviews.

    I think I can record the mic and another input so will be looking at trying to record skype interviews using that which if i can manage will be great

    any help most welcome !

  5. loved it. I have a Zoom h1, senheiser me66 and a AT2020usb for voice overs, would it be nice to sell my at 2020 , and use the h2n with FCP for voice overs and with me66 recording both so i can have an ambient and a direct.

    Anyone knows if it`s more directional than the h1?

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