Zacuto EVF Mounting Option – CheeseStick Bar

Zacuto's introduced a new CheeseStick bar for the Z-EVF that will allow more flexible mounting options. (surprised it wasn't named something like Z-heesestick?) Instead of using the lonely 1/4-20" thread below the Z-EVF, you'll now have a variety of mounting points along the top or the back (depending on how you install the cheesestick). Found below

find-price-button Zacuto Z-EVF CheeseStick Mounting Bar

find-price-button Zacuto EVF View Finder

6 thoughts on “Zacuto EVF Mounting Option – CheeseStick Bar

  1. James

    I'm gonna guess $90 for that piece of metal with some tapped holes in it.....

    Wow! About $30! Shocker coming from Zacuto.

    I know they make great quality gear but man some of there prices are just insane.

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