Z96 LED Flicker Test with Sony Battery

Some people have commented about flickering from a Z96 LED video light. This has to do with battery voltage, especially when the batteries run low. I've had plenty of success with my Eneloops and haven't noticed any flickering until they drain out. This time YouTube member Luca throws together a battery and flicker test with the Z96 using a Sony battery. Results look pretty good, and the price for batteries + charger is not too shabby. [Thanks Luca].

Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 9.02.58 AM
find-price-button (2) Sony Batteries Plus Charger for Z96

14 thoughts on “Z96 LED Flicker Test with Sony Battery

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @DigiFilmaker - You can grab a connector at Radio Shack. The light should work with 7V-17V of power. You could even hack up a battery like I did with my 352 LED Ring light with RC Car batteries httpss://cheesycam.com/last-minute-glidecam-mods/

  2. DigiFilmaker

    Does any one know where a z96 DC adapter can be found? It would be great to plug these into a wall or portable power unit.

  3. Mike Chenoweth

    I had flickr a few minutes into it it using cheap AA's - Eneloops or Duracells seem to do just fine until the batteries are about dead, then the dreaded flicker appears.

  4. Olphus

    I have also experienced the Z96 flickering after just 40-50 minutes. It would be a little embarrassing if you are on a job and your lights start to flicker. Dimming down helps but it's not a solution.

    Do the Sony NP-F550 NP-F330 DCR-TR7000 last longer? My issue is that even if you buy the Sony's from ebay, they are still third-party and the quality of the batteries themselves may vary significantly.

    The Z96 is a little hard to open so the Sony's should be a better solution.

  5. Glenn

    I find the Z96 flickers when I use eneloops for an hour or so. Perhaps its the batteries charge or something.

    Alkaline batteries, on the other hand, seem to last much longer and have no flicker problems whatsoever. I have used alkaline batteries on the Z96 intensively for days and the power doesn't seem to be diminished.

    For me, I'd prefer to play it safe and use Alkaline on the Z96. Lasts for really really long and no risk of flicker.

  6. Garrick

    @ Rick The aftermarket batteries do not last as long as the real deal sony brand, im sure you can get two hrs out of that battery if it was sony. Battery bands makes a huge difference. Here's something about canon batteries, keep in mind this is canon batteries but the same rule applies. https://vimeo.com/19144930

  7. tony

    I'm pretty sure that's just how they work, I don't think any of them are defective per se, but just suffer from a slight design defect. I was just ponting out a workaround for those who for one reason or another might prefer to stick with AAs for the time being. Also, to my eyes, it seems the light doesn't get brighter after a certain point, so full power is being achieved slightly before the knob reaches its full turn. Just an observation made in the short time I've had the lights.

    Unrelated, but my next plan is to make up some adapers to go from the d-tap on an anton bauer plate to the dc input of the z96. I shouldn't need to drop the voltage, so these should work great on my JVC 700 at work. Much better than the ultra-lights we have on them now.

  8. Daman

    @Tony, do you set your Z96 at full power? I have over 40 AA Enloops (old and new versions) and Alcalines and they flicker at ~75 minutes at max power. Maybe two of my Z96 are defective:(

  9. Rick

    Simple calculations indicate a 2500mah battery should last around 2.5 hours. (@7.2 volts & 7 Watts)

    Was the first battery not fully charged or are these specific aftermarket batteries garbage?

  10. It should be noted that this battery weighs less than 5 AA's.

    For me, I wanted to be able to 'set it and forget it' and not have to worry about my light source flickering or having to dial down the power of it (which i don't like either in case i need it at full power)

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - The great thing about the Z96 is that it can accept several types of power incuding external power from an DC adapter. It all depends on how light you want to run. They do sell larger sony batteries, but that would add more weight. Not a problem for some people.

  12. It's kind of sad those batteries only lasted about an hour. I can run my z96 on aa for several hours. I have also noticed an issue some might call flickering, but I can turn down the dimmer to make it go away, at least until the batteries drop voltage further. I can repeat this a couple times before the batteries just have to be changed. Obviously, preventing the issue is better, but I think I would try finding bigger Sony batteries for longer run time.

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