Yongnuo YN-300 LED Video Light

Oliver shares an overview of the new Yongnuo YN-300 LED Video light [Thanks Oliver]. This is a new light for Yongnuo I blogged about a few weeks ago which comes with an IR remote for controlling brightness. The light has built in barn doors and comes with a few colored filters for creative effects. More about the YN-300 LED video light is found via eBay (Click Here)

YN-300 LED light YongnuoYongnuo 300 LED VIdeo Light YN-300Yongnuo 300
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22 thoughts on “Yongnuo YN-300 LED Video Light

  1. Rey

    Hey guys, I just got mine and was wondering if you've found an alternative or a fix to strengthen the "gopro-like" mount of the light? I think its the weakest point of this light especially since I use Sony 970 batteries for it.

  2. Victor

    I'm ordering the YN-300 II. I currently have 2 old Sony Handycam batteries NP-FP60 and NP-FP71 + charger (for HDR-HC3).
    Can anyone tell me if I can use my old battery for this LED? Because I hate to buy a new one, since I rarely use my old original battery.
    Or can I buy a AA battery adapter too?

    Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Delboy

    Guys use the bigger battery for your yn 300 light, ie: the NP970 original ones are the best but the copy ones on ebay and amazon are just as good. Using the smaller batteries are just a waste of time.

  4. Delboy

    @VillageBoi , yes i have the same problem on my yn300 ii when i use the smaller size batteries(np 570) but works great with the higher amp battery np 970. hope this helps ive tested the light for about 1.5hrs on full power with the bigger battery, hope this helps.

  5. VillageBoi

    Just got one of these but ran into a problem. At full power (using a battery or mains dummy NPF battery) it shuts off after a few seconds. The light only stays on when lowered to 80% - 8 out of the 10 indicator lights on the back.
    Has anyone come across this before? Any solution?

  6. Delboy

    @Nisse ,Yes the 300 II has adjustable color temperature and the normal yn 300 has bright power led set at 5500k

  7. Nisse

    interesting light but to complicate things found two versions on the YoungNuo site: YN-300 and YN-300 II, cannot tell the difference, anyone got a clue? and what is the best Sony battery for this type of light 550, 570, 970 seem to be a lot to choose from!?

  8. steveH

    I like the light, but disappointing support - Unfortunately the thing is made with a cheap plastic mount so you must be very careful. Mine arrived with broken mounts.

  9. @TikTak - There is no 1/4 thread on the hot-shoe mount. So it works out of the box great on a camera but for mounting on a light stand you need a type B bracket umbrella holder or whatever you want.

    The hot-shoe mount itself is very solid on the YN-300!

  10. @Oliver - great! Thanx for the info.

    One more thing - is the 1/4 mount solid? I have the CN-160 light and the mount is crap, the plastic hotshoe broke after a month of home use and the 1/4 mount is a metal thread in a flimsy plastic foot. What's the situation with the Yunguo? Can you mount it firmly to a light stand or camera?

  11. @TikTak - Unfortunately it comes without an adapter for AA batteries. Sony NP-F series batteries are very inexpensive ($10 for a replica). I bought 6 of them, F570 and F970. It runs with a F570 a few hours. The battery was not included. With the remote control you can dim and turn off the light.

  12. Alex

    @Oliver Thanks! A comparison between the R300 and the YN300 will be extremely helpfull for all of us

  13. @Oliver - wanting to buy this one, a few questions:

    does it have an adapter for AA batteries? Or just Sony?

    How long does it work on your Sony battery?

    Was the battery included in the package?

    Does the remote dim the light or only turns it ON/OFF?

    Would be grateful for answers:)

  14. @Dean - Shipping time was about 3 weeks from China to Austria. I think you can compare the YN-300 with the R300 in terms of light output. I'm going to give you a comparison when the R300 is here. It's actually still in transit.

  15. @Sam: I was more referring the the Ikan and others that are about that size, not the larger ones that indeed have remotes.

  16. It is really solid, even the barn doors! Sorry for that short overview only. I'm a bit busy at the moment - but It's absolutely worth the money!

  17. Alex

    This review is exactly what I was waiting for. I'm sold now.

    Emm, when you compared the F&V R300 to the 312 bicolor, the latest was actually used as a 156LED light since you setted it up at daylight color, am I right? If so, I'd expect this Yongnuo LED to match the R300 in terms of output.

    Thanks for posting!!!

  18. Sam

    curious as to what you mean. I own a few ikan lights and i have grown to expect them. However, Most decent LED light panels i have seen or used, have an output/brightness control device such as a nob, a switch, a touch panels or remote.

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