Wondlan’s 2011 DSLR Products

Wondlan Shoulder Rig
find-price-button Wondlan DSLR Sniper Plus Support Full Shoulder Rig

Wondlan's earliest DSLR products were pretty blah, but when they started pushing out their 'sniper' or 'target shooter' type rigs, they started making a bit of noise in the scene. My guess is they are doing pretty well since they are now expanding their lineup of previously only small parts. In 2011, here's one of their latest Full Shoulder rigs. Yes, everything you see above (except camera & battery pack) is part of the package including shoulder pad, extended handles, matte box, battery mount, top handle, LCD Monitor, and follow focus w/ whip. I personally don't think it's very aesthetically appealing in turquoise/silver, but Wondlan's new rigs are often being compared to Gini's quality. Current price not so exciting...

Another new product for Wondlan is their 'Leopard Vest system' (happy it's not in actual leopard print). The cheapest off the shelf vest systems still run over $1200, but are pretty much crap. If Wondlan's latest vest system is anything like their shoulder rig quality, the price doesn't seem too overkill.

Wondlan Leopard Steadicam Stabilizer
find-price-button Wondlan DSLR Leopard Vest Video Camera Stabilizer

It almost comes close to the total price of my Hybrid system using a Steadicam Vest & Glidecam HD4000. Wondlan's Leopard Vest system is spec'd out to handle 10 pound loads, comes with a Monitor and Matte Box (most likely does not come with a V mount battery). It will probably be a while before we see any video reviews on this, but if you happen to run into something, leave them in the comments.

Wondlan Leopard Vest System
find-price-button Wondlan DSLR Leopard Vest Video Camera Stabilizer

10 thoughts on “Wondlan’s 2011 DSLR Products

  1. I recently acquired a Wondlan Matte Box (Professional Edition) which the aution seller led me to believe was made by Redrock Micro. It's very similar, and really not a bad product, but tolerances are a bit loose here and there (the box sags because the side arm is not strong enough and the side rods too loose in the mounting bracket). It does the job though, and with a bit of tweaking, it will do the job pretty well.

  2. Marcus

    I was in China back in August this year and went to look at this Wonlan product it's was very cheap looking and way over priced even in China . The one I saw was mounted on a tripod and it tried several times to see how easy it was to use and it just felt flimsy and cheap. The price was $1500.00 so I passed.

  3. Alex

    I saw one of their FF sets on ebay and messaged ghe seller why he had written the work Ikan in the title (when it was a Wondlan) and he said that they are the same as Ikan just get them and rebrand them. Not sure if it's true but that's what he said.

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  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris - I think they are the same. There's only one version that I know of.

  6. Chris

    hey emm,
    these two FF look slightly different, and there is a big difference in price, any idea why?

  7. Jesse

    I really dig that baseplate...wish I could just get that without the FF or rails...

  8. I clicked on that link for the Wondlan Follow Focus and up close, it looks like the Ikan FG Follow Focus's twin brother!!!

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