Wondlan Carbon Fiber DSLR Video Camera Stabilizer

Wondlan's sporting a new Carbon Fiber Video camera Stabilizer and Vimeo member LJ Lee has a nice little review. I like the fact that it can be extended long enough to be used as a short monopod, something the Glidecam stabilizers won't do. It also has a ready quick release system to get the camera off. The top stage has all the adjustments for front / back / left / right to find the center of balance, but the lower sled doesn't look wide enough to prevent the common twisting motion.

Most Steadicam type stabilizer have a long bottom sled which increases the area for the turning axis (something like that). If you have all of the weight too close to the center of the post, it can easily drift, twitch, or jerk while walking. The handle looks a little small also, something that might be a comfort concern for those with large hands. There isn't a whole lot of sample footage in the video, but for the small movements it seems to work pretty well. Of course there's a lot of practice and skill involved to pull off good footage too. [Thanks LJ] The Wondlan Carbon Stabilizer is already available following the link (click here).

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  1. As a film maker I decided to purchase this rig. How many people would be interested at an in depth review and test + bonus music video I am working on that revolves around the "steadycam" look. I can agree that the sled on the bottom is too short but will write back once I extend them and tell you if the problem is resolved 🙂

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  5. @Emm - thanks for the quick and honest response. I think I'll just get the Flycam Nano to practice and make the most out of it. You've been very kind to the videograpr's community especially to the newbies like me. More power. Cheers! 🙂

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @ShinCammy - I haven't had any problems with mine, but that's not to say this company has an official area to check quality control. There's always a chance something isn't put together perfectly. If you have an actual retail store in your area, I would check in with their return policy or maybe see if there's a rental place around. The Glidecam HD series are much easier to balance with the find tune knobs compared to the Flycam stuff.

  7. @Emm thanks a lot. 🙂 there's a store here that sells the Flycam Nano model here in the Philippines. Do you think Nano stays balanced after the calibration? I would be elated if you can give me your honest recommendation. By the way my current setup is d7000 and tokina 11-16 2.8. What do you think? Should I just get the Flycam Nano or order online the Glidecam HD. I'm loving your site.

  8. Emm

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    @ShinCammy - I've only used the Flycam Nano. Fstoppers I guess demoed the Flycam 5000 (different stabilizer). I use the Nano for my lightweight setups, and the Glidecam stuff for heavier stuff. There's also the Merlin and Blackbird hand held stabilizers..

  9. @Emm - Actually I asked LJ through pm in youtube about this Wondlan Carbon if it's a good stabilizer or not but he hasn't asnwered me back. I'm about to get my first dslr stabilizer but I don't know w/c one to get since Glidecam HD models are all out of stock in my country. I'm choosing between Flycam and this Wondlan Carbon.
    I've watched FStopper's review of Flycam but he said it doesn't stay balanced. Can you help and elighten me?

  10. Emm

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    @Calvin - The HD1000 does have a better build quality and is 'faster' to balance, but most of the operation is based on practice and skill. I have several stabilizers including the Glidecam HD1000 and Flycam Nano. I can balance them both, and I still use the Nano today for projects that require light camera setups.

  11. SkunkWorks


    If you watch Emm's balancing video I can't stress enough the importance of the part where he says if it's wobbling at all it's still not balanced, I bought a Flycam Nano to use with my T2i and had it balanced the first time within about 10 mins (15 total to tweak it)... but I had watched Emm's balancing video a few times before mine even arrived. I can now do it in one or two (and I tape a heavy coin to the top stage for fine tweaking due to the different weights of my batteries). There's nothing inherently wrong with the Flycam... a great value for the money in my opinion.

    But, you know?, I see a bit of wobbling sometimes even in videos I see of more expensive units. Alot of that is just going to be due to normal operation of it even if it's balanced properly... wind pressure and having to actually touch it to control it etc. But you know what?, basic physics dictates it will never be perfectly balanced anyway if you want it to always return to vertical. The only way this type of stabilizer will not tilt when violently moving it back and forth sideways is if the balancing point is EXACTLY in the middle... but that's not how you set them up or they would never return to vertical on their own. So, if you think about it, if you set yours up using the standard horizontal to vertical drop test of around 2 seconds, or maybe even more for argument sake, you are not leaving the balance point in the exact vertical center... and you wouldn't want to.


    Some of Proaim's ebay auction have a "make an Offer" ... offer them 100 or 105 bucks... they'll take it. Great customer service too... I talked to the guy "live" quite a bit over Skype during and after my sale. He even offered me discounts on anything I want in the future.

  12. Calvin


    What would you suggest for a T3i with a battery grip? I'm currently using a FlyCam Nano and it's been pretty good so far, but it still wobbles sometimes as it's very hard to perfectly balance it.

    Is the HD-1000 that much better for doubled the price?


  13. WySoMu

    Wow 400+? Great! Another over priced stabiliser on the market. We really need something around $50-80 price tag.

    Not in the position to justify buying a few pieces of metal for that much. Honestly I have a budget monopod for my 5D II that I brought for 15 bucks off Amazon. Performs equally as my 110$ monopod. Why can't someone do the same for stabilisers?

  14. @NeverBackDown - One thing you should be concerned about with the FlyCam Nano is the size of the handle. It's very small, if you have medium to large hands forget about it. Also, the build quality is sub par and hex screws do come loose quite often. If you are just using a flycam nano periodically and not for paid work you might be able to live with these shortcomings. But if you need a stabilizer that sets up quickly for 2-4 shoots every day stay far away from the nano. Just my opinion. It's worth it to pay extra for a stabilizer that stays true and has a quick setup.

  15. NeverBackDown

    I was like, Sweet! This looks good, how much is it?......What?....Uh.....I think I'll have to pass. It looks good and all, but for $469.00 I don't think I can afford something like that. I'll probably just stick with the Flycam.

  16. Close, but not quite. I tried to do the reverse of this - using my monopod as a crude stabiliser, with my zoom and radio mic acting as a counterbalance. As a run and gun it worked well because the monopod, when collapsed, was super compact, as a stabiliser though it wasn't up to much!

    (In this footage: https://vimeo.com/24275451
    at 16secs you can see it clumsily wobbling as I go down the steps, but at 41secs holding quite a steady "locked" shot. At 38secs, the car shot shows how tight a space I could get into without pulling it all apart, which was crucial)

    I've been waiting for something like this to come along, but this one falls short because it's so long (ironically) as a stabiliser - the bottom end would get in the way too much for run and gun style shooting.

    Wondlan guys - if you ever wanted to talk about making my dream rig, I'd be happy to offer my thoughts 😀

  17. They only had a short snippet of the actual stabilizing footage. And they played it in slow motion. I'd like to see more footage with them moving around, following or being followed by a subject.

  18. Luke

    hmmm... what do you think emm? if the Hd works as well as shown.

    That would be awesome to find balance quickly.

    I'm skeptical about the ability to move the handle up and down though. The entire stabilizer is dependent on that one screw!

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