Windcut Windshield Microphone Cover

I'm not very familiar with this company, but from the wind tests in the video sent over by YouTube member NitsanPictures, it seems to work well. Another great option furry deadcat microphone windscreen for those out in the UK. Thanks Nitsan. Available for a few different popular microphone models, found following the link (click here)

Windcut Windshield furry windscreen
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5 thoughts on “Windcut Windshield Microphone Cover

  1. Conrad

    @Emm, those look nice, but yikes, twice the price of these windcuts. I wonder why they choose not to ship to US when they ship to many other countries.

  2. Hey thanks Emm, Nice to see it posted here!

    @Jacob, I haven't tried any others from this company but I would imagine that it would give good results.

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