What The Foc-us? Wireless DSLR Follow Focus System

Wondlan released a new Wireless follow focus system for DSLR Video. Here you can find more photos and specific specs about the WFF for under $1600 dollars via eBay (click here). Yeah I know that's pretty expensive, but is it really a Wondlan Product? There's other sellers who offer the same unit for much cheaper.

Follow Focus Wondlan Wireless

The receiver looks quite beastly, but they state it has a range of 300 meters. The remote can start / stop video via Infrared (required for some Canon cameras) and you can also program up to 4 focus points. Asking price from the cheaper sellers still too expensive starts around $950 dollars but there isn't very many other options at this price point for video wireless follow focus systems. Find the new WFF through the eBay product page (click here).

Wondlan wireless follow focus systemwondlan follow focus
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5 thoughts on “What The Foc-us? Wireless DSLR Follow Focus System

  1. Jason B

    I had to send my Jag35 and Hocus Focus system back as the cheap hobby rc servos they use as motors have such a limited turning angle it would not turn the full range of the lens so was useless and the noise is unbelievable, it so loud. I know some of my friends have done the same as me, we just hire pro systems for shoots now.

    My advice is stay away from rc servo based systems.

    This looks like another rc servo based system with the same problems.

  2. Has anyone bought this wireless follow focus? The other cheap one that I've been thinking about is the Proaim Indian version. Both are really cheap.

    I would love to get the Redrock or that Hocus Pocus rig, but they are 3k and that's pricey.

    I have no doubt that they work, but its the audio noise that worries me. The noise from the Jag35 is absolutey terrible. That's an MOS only version unless you are outside with a lot of background noise, inside with the same, and or you are doing something that you know you'll ADR, etc.

    At these prices, I might have to take a chance... The proaim one even gives you two motors and two channels...

    Just haven't found anyone who's bought either! I know i'll upgrade to a better unit, but budget is a concern on this. I'm mostly going to be using this stuff with my steadicam....



  3. Ethan Schatz

    I have spoken with an engineer at Wondlan. He states that the noise level is very small and recommends using a secondary audio recording device to avoid any interference.

    Hope this helps! 🙂
    Ethan S.

  4. nate

    it may be too early to see a video review or even a run through of this thing in action. but i thought for sure i'd at least see some pokes at the name. maybe a, "$1600? why is woodland trying so hard to foc us"? it's probably safe to assume that woodland isn't an american based company.

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