W260 LED Video Light $28 bucks

[Update] Listing Sold Out....

W260 LED Video Light
find-price-button WanSen W260 LED Video Light

Mark writes in and shares a link to an LED Video light deal [Thanks Mark]. This is essentially a larger version of the WanSen W106 LED Video Light (found here) which many people are already shooting with.

Mark mentions just a few days ago having purchased similar versions of this light for about $60-$70 bucks, he has stumbled on one seller via eBay currently listing (error?) the W260 for the same price as what the W106 runs for just $28 dollars + FREE SHIPPING today (Click Here)

W260 LED on Camera Video Light
find-price-button WanSen W260 LED Video Light

[Update] Listing Sold Out....

51 thoughts on “W260 LED Video Light $28 bucks

  1. ton

    After all... NO lights and NO money back. So buy nothing by this seller on Ebay. WanSen W260 LED Video Light!

  2. ers_lecnita

    You're out of luck if you waited 2 more weeks, the seller exploited the 45 day paypal cooling off period so you can't even lodge a complaint or leave negative feedback πŸ™

    So, how many of you didn't receive items?

  3. ton

    @Emm... good advice. I looked at PayPal but the money is not refunded. I wait 2 weeks then I inform Ebay. The seller doesnot answer my questions.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @ton - Double check if your payment was still processed. I have purchased items before and the seller cancelled the item without my knowledge so it never shipped. When I checked my paypal payments, the sale did not show up and the payment was refunded. So you might be waiting for something that will never show up, but at the same time there may not be a payment in your records.

  5. homing

    Finaly got my Light.

    It seams broken. When i power it with AA bateries and put it on full power, only a third of the led light up. From 0 % to about 60% power level ,everything light up, but at some point the 2/3 turn off. Still gotta to try it with a sony battery.

    I got a refund from paypal but lost the additional 10$ he asked me ...

    Well all of this was a crappy journey!

  6. Ed

    Same here. It arrived today. And I too hear a sound when it's on. Maybe it will go away after some time. I'll leave it on for some time. I had a Sony NP-F970 lying around, so I suppose it stays on for quite some time before the battery goes dead.

    I must say that I didn't expect too much out of it for that kind of money.

    I guess you get what you pay for πŸ˜‰

  7. I received it some days ago and I can tell that this is not so great... The build quality is poor, it makes an annoying sound when it's on, and the shipping was extremely long.

  8. Brendan

    Got mine in the mail yesterday, need to get some new batteries to power it up. I got him to stick to the original price.

  9. jigs

    has anyone received a shipment from this guy. he marked my transaction shipped. it says my eta is 12/4 - 12/7, but i think he shipped it even after that because he was asking me for more $.

    He gave me a CHINA POST tracking number, a few days ago, but until now i'm unable to track it.

    if you've received the item, any problems with it?

  10. mark fraunhofer

    @Brendan, thanks for the info, I ordered 10 of these, used w160 before but they were shipped from the USA seller for $34 I think, so I knew this is a killer deal and since it's the same maker they should be a match. I plan to use them all in banks of 4 if needed, so I will be getting some huge capacity aftermarket sony batteries for these...

  11. Brendan

    @mark it was as easy as calling Ebay and explaining the situation. She said she would send him a warning, just needed his seller id/name, and the item #. I also mentioned to the seller that since the estimated time of arrival for the shipment had passed, he was now in possession of my money and my property, which didn't seem all that legal on his part...

  12. Brendan

    After ebay sent him a warning, and many emails back and forth, he claims he is now shipping it to me. We will see if it ever gets here...

  13. Jim C

    Yeah, I just had him cancel the transaction and refund the money. Clearly a mistake, and it doesn't seem right to me to capitalize on it - even if the rules allow you to.

  14. iP337

    @Jahn, I think the general assumption here is that these units aren't really costing them $49.50 a piece to buy and ship like he is claiming and that he probably still makes money off them at $28.25, just not as much as he would like.

    Though I don't know the actual wholesale cost of these units, but I've seen some at $55.99 with free shipping from hong kong*; since Wansen is in Shenzhen China** I bet that a Hong Kong seller's cost is a little higher than a this Chinese seller's. So I also assume this guy's cost is quite a bit lower than $50 but maybe shipping worldwide from China is more costly than from Hong Kong and he's actually telling the truth...

    Either way, he made a mistake and now there's blood in the water. Also since this seller lists this product at $75.69, which is higher than everyone else***, it makes it harder to feel sorry for him about this knowing that he's making a little more off these than other sellers are.

    But I say throw the guy a bone and meet him half way, give him $10 more and be happy with your new light πŸ™‚




  15. Jahn

    Am I the only one who feels bad for this guy? Let's say he actually made an honest mistake, is it fair that all these people want to take advantage of that mistake and make him lose lots of money?
    I'm sure all the buyers knew the deal was too good to be true when they purchased.
    Would I take advantage of such a situation at walmart? probably yes, but not with some random dude on ebay who's trying to make a living reselling cheap camera stuff.

  16. homing

    For the record :
    I've called Ebay customer support , explained the situation and they haved confirmed that he has to honor the contract.
    They said to me that he would get a warning on his account asking him to honor is sell.

    I suggest you do the same.

  17. Brendan

    I'm still sticking with the original price. Not going to pay him anything extra. I make sure to mention the negative feedback in each response to him. My guess is he will end up shipping, or in 9 days PayPal will give me my money back.

  18. iP337

    Wow this sucks for everyone involved, lol now I don't feel too bad for missing it ;-P

    If I were you guys I'd just offer him another $10 to ship it, it's still a deal and he would minimize his potential losses to just $760.50, and everybody wins ...kinda.

    OR if you guys rather strong arm him you could ask him if an extra $1,410.50 is really worth 65 more negative feedbacks to him; because if he doesn't ship these orders, not only would he be out $1,836.25 in potential sales but it would also bring his seller account to 4.3% negative feedbacks.

    Either way, let us know how it goes and if these lights are even worth it cause you could find a z96 for that price and I don't think these are any better...

  19. homing

    Hi asked him 3 times that he honors his contract. here's the last email i got from him :

    "But you know this item market price is too high,for my mistake,I`s like to give you our cost price($49.5) for compensate it.you just need to add extra $21.25.

    If you cann`t accept our cost price,let`s cancel this order and I`ll refund payment to you.

    Waiting you reply."

    Anybody managed to get a confirmation that it would ship at the price we paid ?

  20. mine is shipped for 48$.. I don't have time to do disputes and stuff cause I need this light for a video that I'll be shooting soon! I think it is still a good deal tough..

  21. Max W

    Why is everyone so excited about this, when it appears that the same light is listed many times on ebay for under $30...?

  22. Dylan C

    I said basically the same thing as everyone else here. Told him I expect to get what I payed for and that the mistake was on their end, not mine.

    Keep this thread updated if you can with info guys. I am curious to see how this will all play out.

  23. DannyC

    HAHAHAHAH! Seller messed up. Those ebay sakes are a binding contract and he needs to honor the price advertised at.

  24. Brendan

    I'm sticking to my guns. I let him know I expect him to ship my light at the original price. I have also opened a dispute with PayPal, as it takes 9 days from opening it to file a claim to get your money back. There will be negative feedback left for him unless he REALLY goes out of his way to make it better. Every reply I get from him he just keeps asking for more money.

  25. db

    Well, story like this happened before, but that seller was less friendly then here, claimed to have shipped again and again until all buyers excepted a refund: httpss://cheesycam.com/aputure-160-led-video-light-sony-npf-970-battery/

  26. Tyler Durston

    I received the email. I replied saying that I am expecting to receive the product at the price that I had paid.
    He then replied with, "Add just enough money to cover cost, which in total is $49.95".
    I replied with basically the same as my original response. We'll see what he says.

  27. Homing

    I got thΓ© same email also. Since we are a lot of people in that situation , we have some good leverage power . We can leave negative feedback or do a complaint on his eBay account . It's their mistake , they have to live with it .

  28. Brendan

    Haha @HypeVision I received that email as well.

    "So kindly to know if you can help us to cancel this order?Or If you really like this item,can you add some money till this item cost price,we don`t make any profit,we send it to you."

    For what it's worth I responded that I expected them to ship my order on time, at the original price. I don't know about you, but I won't be adding "some money till this item cost price".

  29. Austin

    Dang was on chessycam before this was posted and was checking back before i went to sleep... would of at least bought three, oh well my wallets still happy.

  30. hmm... Look what I just received after purchasing this!

    Hi Friend,

    First of all,I`ll say sorry to you!

    Because my careless operation,I typed the wrong price on item W260 LED Video Camera Light,the price should not be 28.25$(It`s another item`s price),I think you also can feel this price much lower than normal price on the market.The normal price much higher than this.

    If this order done and I send this item to you,we`ll lost much,you can image how big loss we`ll be taken.

    So kindly to know if you can help us to cancel this order?Or If you really like this item,can you add some money till this item cost price,we don`t make any profit,we send it to you.

    I know this will cause much trouble to you and will waste lots of your valuable time,but I know you are a person who love life,or you will not purchase camera and their accessories to record the beauty of the life.

    So many thanks for your understanding!

    Waiting your opinion how to deal with this order.

    Thanks again!

    Have a nice day!

    Best regards

    - ecsonovel

    WHAT should I do ??

  31. pops

    @Emm - it sure did... I have buyers remorse for not picking up more.. πŸ™‚ Good or bad... Killer price either way.

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