Volta Dual Battery Charger with Interchangeable Battery Plates

If you're like me you probably have a half dozen different battery types hanging around. Having so many different cameras and different accessories adds up to a mess of battery chargers. So here's an unboxing of the Volta Dual Battery Charger which not only can charge two batteries but can also charge different types of batteries simply by swapping the charging plates.

Quick Overview
The Volta Dual Battery Charger features interchangeable battery plates, an LCD display, and it has smart charging capabilities.

Interchangable battery plates make this charger a perfect solution for charging many types of li-ion batteries for both video cameras and DSLRs. The unit also has a USB input on its side, so you can charge a mobile device at the same time.

The charger will auto-detect the battery voltage to prevent overcharging, and a backlit LCD display shows you the current charge status. You also have the ability for a high current charging mode that will charge your batteries faster, helping to ensure that you are never stranded with a dead battery.

A few years back, there was a few other brand dual chargers with interchangeable plates such as the Pearstone. That has since been discontinued. You may still be able to find the Watson Dual Battery Charger, but that will start at around $80 Dollars (found here).

That's what makes the new Volta Dual Battery Charging system interesting as it starts at just $35 Dollars from the reputable F&V Light company (found here)..

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8 thoughts on “Volta Dual Battery Charger with Interchangeable Battery Plates

  1. dan

    Stated specs say Volta is 1.5A output, Watson is 2A.
    I have two of the pro-spec "Watson" style ones.

    Would be interested in these battery plates if they are cheap though...

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @A - Haven't had a Watson, and only had this for a day. Only time will tell I guess. The features are there, the price is nice, just have to see how it holds up.

  3. A

    Watson duo chargers (some...mine being one of them) make noise while charging and the interchangeable plate come loose to easily. Does this charger have those issues? Is the build quality and changing times about the same as the Watson?

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