Velbon PH-368 Fluid Head – Back In Stock

This dirt cheap fluid head for light weight cameras has been sold out for months after this video review and old article (here). It's actually still sold out on Amazon. Don't bother looking for this on eBay as they've marked these up past $60 dollars.

It's a great little fluid head for your small sliders, table skater dollies, or little DIY Jib / Crane projects. Thanks to @Chapmuzic over on Twitter for letting me know they are finally back in stock. Normally ran about $26 dollars but it seems with popularity they've added a $3 dollar mark up via B&H (click here).

find-price-button Velbon PH-368 Video Fluid Head

If it's sold out from B&H then check over at (click here)

18 thoughts on “Velbon PH-368 Fluid Head – Back In Stock

  1. Tony

    @JeffChow - The 717 can carry much more weight. If you baby your equipment and have some lightweight stuff, the Velbon works great. I believe the 717 is a little more "fluid". I plan to buy one soon. Along with this..."right tool for the job" is my motto. Sometimes I feel like a mechanic or carpenter with all my gear. They have more than one wrench often in the same sizes and multiple hammers even though they can only use one at a time. =)

  2. Anyone know how this one compares to the ePhoto 717ah that goes for $75? Obviously I'd rather pay $30 for equal durability and production value, but not if it will fall apart since it will be my primary fluid head for now. Do you know what the feature differences are?

  3. Chapmuzic

    Glad I ordered before I sent you ther tweet Emm! I saw your previous review and put my email on the notification list. I had almost forgotten about it! Got the shipping notification today!!

  4. Tony

    Pissed off I missed this... thought it'd last a day or two in stock. Last post you made it was in stock was October! I hope every 5 months is not the restock turn around for this with B&H

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - The Velbon for GH1 on a slider would be a great fit. It's also much lighter than the 717 which cuts down the weight of your gear. Just don't throw it around since it's mostly plastic. I think you'll be happy coming out with these two fluid heads as opposed to one.

  6. Hey Emm:

    You know when telemarketers call you and ask you "who is the decisionmaker in your household" or some bs like that, to find out who's got the money to spend. I think they should talk to you for all the followers in this blog, because you spend our money, damn it! I was on the market for the least expensive solution for a head for my sliders, to put my GH1s on them and of course I was looking at the Weifeng 717, or whatever it's called, which still comes in at around $100 at the moment. So, I picked up two of those Velbons for $60, which, if they work as you say, would be perfect. [email protected] had them on stock when I ordered and today they're out backordered again. Hopefully they will fill my order. Thanks again.

    Oh, btw, the cheapo FF is not to be found for that 42% off anymore and I was looking for a second one for zooming along with my Gini. One morning I don't visit your blog, and these deals, happen! But the Indian one, the X1 with a gear and a whip, still seems like a good deal around $110, but no reviews of it anywhere.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @JJ - If you're talking about the front end of the crane, yes. If you plan to put a crane on top of this - no. It's mostly plastic. I do use it at the end of my larger 8ft crane.

  8. Oleene

    Wow already backordered? I was lucky. Moment I got the email, I jumped on it. Really excited to get mine.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Brad Justinen - You missed it. They sent out a notification in stock earlier today.

  10. JC

    been waiting for them to come back in stock for my slider and my pico dolly thanks for the heads up !!

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