Variable FrameRate 2fps GH4 Camera – Walk Monterey Bay Aquarium

Warning: The following video may cause motion sickness! I shot this video when I was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with GH4 mounted to a baby stroller. It's one idea on how to use the variable framerate feature on the Panasonic GH4, but of course i'm sure you guys can do it better.

It's a fun feature to have built right into the camera since it requires no post processing. The moment you hit stop you end up with a single video file ready for playback.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Archie - Most places like this won't let you bring tripods, but they won't bother you with a stroller (as long as you have a child I guess..). It was an easy way for me to park and be stationary.

    You can see my setup, and how stable my footage was in the 4K monterey video: httpss://

  2. Archie

    On a baby stroller? You sir are the Kohinoor of DYI guides.

    Really enjoyed the video not just the demo part of it..

  3. Emm

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    @Bill T. - In my defense I did bring my kid with Of course I've been there enough times to know you can't use tripods, and the stroller was my next best option. I also chose a day when I knew they wouldn't be very busy (to get a clear shot of windows), and waited towards the end when they were already closing.

  4. Emm

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    @tim morris - There are many Canon EF to M43 adapters, but no control over the iris. These cheaper adapters are great if you have manual lenses like Rokinon Canon EF mount. If you have a Canon EF Auto Focus Lens and need to control the iris, right now there is the RedRock Live Lens. It's expensive, but it works.

    Hopefully in short time we'll see this new one come out which has added functionality as a wireless focus as well: httpss://

  5. tim morris

    One more question…I asked about an adapter to the GH-4 for the canon lenses and you recommended red rock. Are there any other reputable adapters that you may recommend. I checked metabones and it appears that they only have the canon FD to M43 adapter. I have lots of canon lenses so I would rather buy an adapter and use what I have vs buying more Panasonic lenses. Just trying to make the wisest decision.

    Or should I hold tight…your thoughts.

    Tim Morris

  6. I'm really likin' this camera stroller concept! Wrap a Pampers around your bag, and who can say anything? It's an ugly kid, deal with it! But seriously, attach a fluid head and away you go to hyperlapse-land minus the the back ache and the hard-to-fix on-axis rotations. Count wheel rotations for the distance interval, woohoo! I'm going down to Babys R-Us tomorrow!

    Shot some 2 fps stuff this evening. Lousy light, wind, and the wrong subject, bummer. But the combo of 2 fps and judicious use of the Time Stretch Tool looks really promising for timelapse without trashing the shutter. Just wish it worked in 4K.

  7. Emm

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    @Ralph - I've been trying many different things with the GH4 from slow motion, fast motion, 4K, 1080p 10 Bit, Cropping and stabilizing 4K to 1080p, Broadcast Live Switching, Wireless workflow. It's literally sold out everywhere and all the reviews are saying the same thing. It's totally worth the money. I am about 90% done with my Live Switch project thanks to the GH4 and 24p HDMI out, and i'll share that information soon.

  8. Emm

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    @Steven - If you take your time moving around, and possibly add Image Stabilization in post, it could be pretty cool. This was pretty much right out of the camera.

  9. So, there's a seafood restaurant there? As in "first let meet those wonderful sea creatures with which we share this planet, and later we'll go eat some of them..."

  10. Really cool stuff – the stroller stabilizer was a great idea. That very last shot with the kelp sort of bouncing to the beat was great.

    Did you try any slow motion at the aquarium?

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