Varavon Tilt Jib T3 PreSale Discount

Unlike many portable jibs, the new Varavon Tilt Jibs can actually tilt the camera when performing vertical movements to keep your subject in frame. This all accounts to a slightly heavier setup than the other Carbon Fiber Mini Cranes shown recently (here), but the Varavon Tilt Jib is strong enough and long enough to support Motorized Pan / Tilt heads like the one I showed off earlier this week (seen here).

Varavon Crane JibVaravon Tilt Crane Jib

The Varavon Tilt Jib is available in a variety of sizes from 3.3ft-12.5ft, and currently the T3 version (9.5ft) is discounted down to $299 for preorders. Not a bad deal at this price. Check out more information following the banner (below)

Varavon Tilt Jib PreOrder PreSale T3
find-price-button Varavon PreSale Tilt Jib Discount $299

14 thoughts on “Varavon Tilt Jib T3 PreSale Discount

  1. Alex

    This looks exactly like the CobraCrane that I have, that is now for sale because its been replaced with the tiny carbon fiber jib that was recently reviewed. Honestly, there's nothing that I like about the CobraCrane - parts came damaged and bent, the pully system nearly cost me a client because it went out on me while I was shooting on a cruise ship last year, its actually quite heavy and very bulky/awkward to pack. And, most importantly, I found it absolutely impossible to level and get steady shots. The carbon fiber one is a dream and is so small and lightweight that I use it with a tiny tripod and it works great.

  2. imgpro615

    i got a cobracrane with extension and it has served me well from using XL1 to Z1U to finally a caged DSLR

    i like how much more portable this varavon is than mine but back when i bought it, it was still cheaper than this and still works so i cannot yet justify the purchase...

    what i NEED to do is knock the dust off it and get back to shootin with it

  3. Dean

    I just know that it's been a pain with Varavon.

    Ordered a focus sling a month ago & now they say its finally on the way. We'll have to see about that.

  4. @Tony - Yeah I actually agree with you, compared to others, this does seem like a pretty good deal for the money and the portability, and despite being a DIY enthusiastic at heart, even I can admit that if you have the money, turnkey hardware is ALMOST always better.

    Thanks for the interest, I'm actually getting some pictures of the project together now so I can post it somewhere online. I'll let you know when it's up.

  5. Emm, do you recon this would be good on the Manfrotto 701 head with canon 60d? It's almost 6 kgs... what happens when you overload it a bit occasionally?

  6. Tony

    @Benjamin - We're waiting for the How-to instructional video for your DIY Jib. Given the turnkey hardware, preorder price and not seeing any woobly shots from Olivia, I'd think this jib is a good deal-to-performance.

  7. Their only real "Big Feature" with this jib is the tilt functionality, and what a lot of people don't seem to realize is that the same functionality can be achieved through some very simple DIY work with almost any existing jib. In fact, I just built an entirely DIY jib with the same style of tilt functionality last week, for under $20 in parts from Home Depot, and an old broken tripod.

    The trick is just mounting the arm of the crane off to the side and lowered, so that the central point of rotation is close to the center of your tripod head's tilt mechanism.

  8. It's almost exactly the same concept as the CobraCrane, especially the pan and tilt part. I never liked those cables and the tightening mechanism. Too troublesome to setup, and single bar system will still be woobly.

    The "promotion/preorder" price sounds about right for something like this, because it's overpriced. Take a look at what CobraCrane offers - - and I think most of you would agree with me.

    Not great in terms of portability and also not great for stable, non-woobly shots. I'll make do with lightweight carbon fiber jibs instead.

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