Varavon Slider Crank Handle Upgrade Kit

Here's a look at the Varavon Slider Crank Handle Upgrade Kit. The idea for a crank pulley is to keep your shaky hands away from the camera, but whether it produces smoother results are based on the experience of the operator. A fully motorized slider will always yield the most consistent results, but in times where battery power or noise is an issue, the Crank Handle kit is another option.

The Varavon Crank Handle Kit comes with two end pieces that can fit most sliders on the market so long as you have a 1/4" or 3/8" mounting point on either side. A metal plate sits under your tripod head on the carrier, and a pulley belt can be cut to size. The handle length can be adjusted for longer or shorter crank rotations. The Varavon Crank Handle Kit for Sliders are available via eBay (click here).

Varavon Slider Crank Handle Kit Upgrade
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9 thoughts on “Varavon Slider Crank Handle Upgrade Kit

  1. mark fraunhofer

    so I got the crank, now I need to find a nice stainless steel flywheel, maybe 2 - 3 pounds ... I have a little counterweight from Gini rigs from a year ago, but it's too small, anyone has any ideas for a nice and smooth flywheel?

  2. mark fraunhofer

    I want to get a flywheel for this mounted instead of or in addition to the crank handle... has anyone done that yet?

  3. We make this item by CNC process which guarantees higher quality. It might seem like too expensive, but it is different with other plastic pieces.

  4. Editwizard

    Ugh. $50 is just the handle haha.

    I sunk $55 for the Konova upgrade feet to add onto my Igus DIY slider. Totally worth it though AND it has the 1/4-20 holes that will work with this. Not for $200 though.

    It's like buying a Kessler bit by bit by bit.

  5. jody

    thats crazy, I thought 60 shipped was pushing it for a handle and "track" at 200 its most over priced add on item I have ever seen... I would love a handle for my vari slider, not at these dollar amounts however. 40-50 shipped and it would have be bought.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @kevin - I'm sure Varavon reads these comments. Feel free to state your opinion on the price. I think it's pretty pricey as well.

  7. kevin

    Not a Cheesy Cam type of value for $200 shipped. Might as well just buy a motorized one for that price. I was on board at $50, which is just for the crank handle unfortunately.

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